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    Ok to start off my difficult child 1 used his girlfriends phone to call 911 5 times and he got ISS for it. The officer that responded was a friend so he cut him some slack, he only did that cause he knew we would punish him. We the problem is that he was in Pass Math which is a after school class to help him pass the state task test.

    Well his Special Education teacher ( whom teachers the class) told him he could not come back to the class. Now he called while out on the play ground. She also to his girlfriend that she had to break up with him. ( her parents do not have a problem with them dating and neither do we). This teacher has over stepped her boundaries, My son has a gas problem and passes it quite often, the teachers have to him to ask to step outside if he needs to fart. Well this particular teacher will not let him step out in the hall but wants to complain about him passing gas. And yea she makes a big deal out of it.

    I need to know where to find the laws that protect disabled children and find an advocate to go to the school with me. I live in North Texas and any help would be great.
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