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    It has been awhile since I have posted. My son went off the deep end this last month (stealing, getting suspended from school, violent language, hatefullness, etc.). He currently is suspended from school for the whole week but we did succeed in getting him placed in an ED Self Contained classroom when he goes back. Small victories and defeats. Now, today, I had to leave work because my neighbor who is watching him this week called and told me she found out he stole a bottle of vodka from her and took off. I am at home now and don't know where he is or what I should do. He is 13 for God's sake! Anyway...if I call the sheriff, I know he will arrest him because he was here last week (abusive language) and he told me he would take him in if I called again. I want to do what is best for my son to help him but I don't think Juvee is the best thing, talking from experience with my younger brother. What should I do???


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    Do you have a crisis intervention team in your area? To locate one, you could call your local NAMI chapter (your state's website is A crisis intervention team should be able to have your difficult child transported to a psychiatric hospital, which is probably a better bet than juvie.

    Is your difficult child on any medications? What is his diagnosis?
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    So sorry.
    I had a student from S. America who did that with-her friends. I don't drink hard liquor anyway, so I added syrup of ipepac to all the bottles in the cabinet.
    I told the neighbors to do the same thing.
    Somehow, the liquor theft stopped ... :)
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    prescottsunshine prescottsunshine

    I do need to contact NAMI. Thank you for that and I will asap. Hmmm...syrup of ipacac. Great idea! But I don't have alcohol in my house.

    Thanks for the thoughts!
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    Maybe you should buy some just so you can add the syrup. Or add the syrup and sit him down and make him drink until he vomits. I know parents who did that with smoking & their kids, but my guess is doing that nowadays will get you arrested.

    While Juvie is awful, sometimes kids just need to bump up against the system. The awful part is that sometimes it goes the other way too, and they get more embroiled in the badness.

    I wish I had something better to tell you. My heart goes out to you...
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    First, I am sending you lots of (hugs!!!!!!!!!!)-- So sorry- I know what it is like to go through tough episodes with our kids-- go with
    the NAMI idea-- but maybe-- being "scared straight"-- with juvee might help? I don't know. Please keep us posted-- I will send prayers your way.
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    What is his diagnosis? Is he on medications? Sorry- I haven't read through this carefully. You have my support- and I have felt that desparation too.