Need Input about Seroquel + Mood Stabilizers

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tessaturtle, Dec 13, 2007.

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    Happy Holidays everyone!
    This time of year is always rough with difficult child (spent end of Nov through Feb in psychiatric hospital last year) and this year is proving to be difficult again. So far, he has not had to be admitted, however, he has been on the brink several times the past couple of months. He has slowly been deompensating since October. Thus began the tinkering with his medications. First the ARNP (who is the prescriber at his mental health center) raised the Seroqel amounts but kept the Nortriptylene in play. THe initial increases did not seem to affect difficult child like in the past (winding him down tiring him out). He was as manic/hyper as ever, very challenging, aggressive, oppositional. He was just getting worse and worse so they increased the Seroquel again (to 600 mg) and discontinued the Nortriptyline. THat was 2 weeks ago. SO thinks he sees a change. I see a slight change, but not much. So at his last medication apt. they said the Nortriptyline was still working out of his system; they mentioned raising his Seroquel up to 800mg!; and they want to add a mood stabilizer back in. Well, duh! It took them this long to realize that he nneds a mood stabilizer!? Hello!

    ANyway, now the battles start to get everyone to agree and then get the ARNP to agree on which one to prescribe. SO, his ex who is the biomom, myself, and the prescriber all have to come to an agreement. I like what I hear about Lamictal. SO wants info about children who are on Seroquel and a mood stabilizer. Biomom not a fan of the Seroquel at all. Biomom and I agree that we both are uncomfortable with a 10 yr old being on 800mg of Seroquel!

    So, do any of you warrior moms and dads have exoperiences, good or bad, that you could enlighten us about with Seroqel in combination with either Lamictal or another mood stablizer?
    Thanks so much for your help!
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    I have two kids on Lamictal (with no atypical antipsychotic like Seroquel), and it is working well for them. Lamictal works best on the depressive end of bipolar disorder. Is that what you're trying to treat?

    It is very possible that once a mood stabilizer kicks in, you will be able to lower the Seroquel. I also agree with your ARNP that it can take a while for the bad effects of Nortriptyline to diminish.

    Good luck. Let us know what you decide.
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    After much trial and error with medication, for my son the listed ones below offer him the best for him.

    Most of it, trial and error, but my son (for three years now) has been on that combination. He takes lamictal prior to bed time with seroquel.

    I believe with the lamictal is seroquel dose has been kept steady, before we added lamictal his seroquel was increasing at quick rates. For two years been very steady now.
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    Interesting that LynnG61's son takes his Lamictal before bedtime. My son and a friend both told me that Lamictal made it hard to go to sleep for about three hours after taking it. My friend takes it for epilepsy and needs to take it twice a day so he ends up staying up pretty late. My son took if for bipolar so he could take it once a day. He took the whole dose -- 400 mg for a while -- in the morning when he woke up.
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    Interesting Sara, my son always complains it made him sleepy. The reason he gets it at night is when he was taking an am dosage, he would fall asleep approx 45 minutes after taking it, for him sleepiness was a side affect. And is a listed side affect. But so is insomnia. So, instead of nodding off in class and snoring, they felt it would serve him better in the evening since he had troubles sleeping at night. Now, he falls asleep very soon after getting it.

    Always interesting when one medication can affect each differently :smile:
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    My son takes seroquel and lithium. We tried lamictal and it did not help him at all. My son takes some seroquel during the day and he adjusted to it and he is not tired any more. At night he takes 350mg and it has been the only thing to help him sleep more consistently.

    We have been on a downward too. Last year was h-ll at this time of year. With these 2 medications he has been off since Thanksgiving but it isn't quite as severe as last year and I am hoping that the duration will be less (fingers crossed)

    I HATE all of the medications but these 2 have proved to be helpful.

    good luck,
    Bugsy's mom