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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by VickiL, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. VickiL

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    It's been a while since I've posted, but things have been going along pretty good. Until today...I get a call from Justin telling me that one of his best friends was found dead in his apartment today from what looks like a heroin overdose. He was a good kid, but got caught up in the last month or so with some not so good kid and it proved to be a deadly mistake.

    Justin is completely devastated and my heart hurts for him. This is the second very close friend in the last 7 years that he's lost. When he was 12 his best friend was killed in a four-wheeler accident. I know he'll be okay, but if you could keep him in your prayers I would really appreciate it.

    It is such a waste. But I am thanking the Man upstairs that Justin is COMPLETELY against what he did and his drug of choice. My son isn't perfect by far, but he is a very caring and very loyal friend. All of the kids are taking it very hard. :9-07tears:

    So if you could just send up a prayer or two for all of them I will be forever grateful!

    Thank you!
  2. Hound dog

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    How terribly sad. :9-07tears: Saying a prayer for comfort for the boys family, friends, and your son too.

  3. Suz

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    What a shame, Vicki. That's just awful :frown:. Please give Justin a hug from me.

  4. Coookie

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    Sending prayers for Justin and the other boys family. :frown: I have no words other than I just get so blasted angry at the loss of such young lives. :9-07tears:

    Hugs to you.. :frown:
  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    What a heartbreak and a loss. Sending some good thoughts for Justin and this child's family.
  6. KFld

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    That poor boys family. That is my difficult child's drug of choice. Right now he is clean, but it hits me right in the face that he can be there at any minute.
    Many prayers to your son, and this boys family and friends.
  7. judi

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    So sorry. My son lost a good friend to a heroin OD two years ago and it is so sad.
  8. rejectedmom

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    Vicky, I am so sorry that your son has lost a friend in such a terrible way. My children have all experienced the loss of friends to untimely deaths. I suggest you watch your son for signs of depression and offer help through counciling if needed. We had to for two of our children. I will pray for you son that he heals even stronger than he was before it happened. -RM
  9. AngelsRus

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    Oh Vicki, that is terrible. Please hug your son for me and I will keep you and the boy's family in my prayers. May God Bless and give all of you peace.

    Hugs & Prayers,
    Angels R Us
    :9-07tears: :smile:
  10. Lori4ever

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    Your son and his friends family will all be in my prayers. I'm sorry.
  11. lovemysons

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    prayers going out for your J and those who knew/love the young man.
    such sadness.

  12. Sue C

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    Prayers being said for your son and the young man's family. How sad.

  13. VickiL

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    Thank you all so much for all of your prayers. It is such a great loss of such a good kid. Justin is doing okay. All of the boy's friends are meeting with his parents tonight and I think it's so the parents can get some answers and I want to thank them for getting all the kids together. It is where they all need to be right now. The visitation is tomorrow night. And I will keep an eye on J, but he seems to be handling this very well. He's angry and he's sad, but I think having gone thru this when he was younger it is a little easier on him. Not easy, but at least he's had to deal with a loss of a close friend before. I can honestly say that I am proud of him for being such a good friend to all of his friends. He has really changed in the last year. He is so much more mature and is thinking things thru before just overreacting. I like the young man he is turning into.

    It's going to be a rough couple of days for everyone, but they are a very tight bunch and I think they will pull each other through this awful time. I will pass along all of the prayers and good wishes to them. They will be touched, as I am. But I know the power of this board and thank God for it everyday.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    And lovemysons, it is SO good to "see" you again!

  14. SunnyFlorida

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    So sorry for the loss of a good friend. A couple of years ago difficult child 1's friend fell asleep at the wheel after drinking. The whole school was upset. For a long time difficult child 1 carried an article in his wallet as a rememberance.