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  1. Hound dog

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    I've got to do a 10 page research paper for english. (have I mention how much a loath english? lol)

    I have some sources, and I'm waiting on two books to come into the campus library. But with a paper this long I could use some more.

    My paper is on nonverbal communication, body language and gestures. So far I have the general outline done, and have started on the draft. I'm 3 pages in and I can already see I can use some more "bulk".

    So, with the wealth of info our board members have tucked away I decided to come here and ask........

    Anyone know of any really good search engines or FREE online libraries?? I've already used Google, yahoo, ask, and Mamma Mega Search engine. Unfortunately I'm either coming up with alot of fluff or research that is bogged down in statistical jargain. Not too great when you need to keep it so it can be understood AND have really good quotes.

    Also doesn't help that the instructor keeps changing her mind about "what pleagurism" is. (sorry, I've been writing so long today I can no longer spell) I mean, you simply cannot tell me to put something I've researched into my own words, only to tell me that similar organization of ideas or even using one word by someone is considered pleagurism. Good grief. Sorry, that's a whole other post. lol (but it is driving me crazy)

    Gawd, how I loath enlish. Love reading. Enjoy writing. I just HATE it as a class.:furious:
  2. nvts

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    This is the blog that had a bunch of the links that she used for research. Just click on the little numbers at the end of the sections and they'll shoot you into some links.

    Press on! You'll do beautifully! English as a class can be a drag, but if you write your papers "conversationally" most profs. enjoy reading them as opposed to reading a bunch of boring "factoids".

    Good luck and let me know if you want me to keep looking!

  3. Abbey

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    If you go to Google, and type in search'll get more than you can handle.

    Good luck on your project!!

  4. everywoman

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    If you're in doubt----document your source. If it is not your original idea---even if it is in your words----cite the source. The only things that should not be documented are parts of your intro, conclusion, your topic sentences, and your closing sentences. Cite everything else!!!!
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    Thanks for those links. Might add some "color" to the paper. Although instructor is a bit stuffy, so I'll have to be careful. lol But I did want to include some of that in the paper.

    Only bad part is that we're not allowed to use but one internet source no matter how wonderful they are. While I realize the point of this is to get us to make use of other sources, as well as the college database (that actually had most of the fluff I was referring to), for me it's like cutting off my hands. lol

    Everywoman I'm citing as much as possible. Although I'm still trying to fully comprehend this aspect. Last time I did this sort of thing was more than 25 yrs ago. The only things I haven't cited is my introduction, and some of the most common things that I'm finding are pretty much being repeated throughout everything I'm reading. Like what certain common gestures mean. And I'm trying hard to keep it in my own words. Anything else is being cited.

    I was teasing Nichole that my whole paper was gonna be one long quote. :sheepish:

    I swear, my brain is fried. So I'll start fresh again tomorrow. I know I saw a link that was discussing nonverbal communication in relation to autism, and I thought that might be good to add since I have a good section on it being vital to language development in infants and toddlers. But darned if I can find it now. So I'll check the college database and see if they have anything with that angle.


    Any good search phrases might be helpful. Like I said, my brain is fried.

    If the college library doesn't have those books in I requested by Monday I'll be pulling out my hair. The outline is due Tuesday. And I have no actual knowledge of what info the books will provide.

    But being smart like I am...............

    I'll have easy child proof read before I hand anything in. lol She's brilliant when it comes to papers. If I have anything wrong, she'll spot it. Sometimes it pays to have intelligent children.:D

  6. susiestar

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    Intelligent children ROCK!!

    I don't have answers, but I do have some info on plagiarism. There are services that schools can subscribe too so they can find plagiarism. They send the papers electronically.

    Be very very careful about citing your source.

    It might be a wise idea to see if the English Dept has an handouts,powerpoint slides, etc on what is considered plagiarism. If it is accepted by the dept, chances are you will be fine if she accuses you of this. You will have the info from the dept and can challenge her.

    I hate it when professors keep changing the definition of this. But is is a necessary evil to search thoroughly as a teacher because many many fraternities and sororities (and other services) have files of papers that others have turned in. At least the ones here.


  7. Marguerite

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    You are allowed books? "The Naked Ape" by Desmond Morris. Also make reference to non-verbal communication in the animal kingdom. Hey, even the plant kingdom - pheromones, colour (in flowers; in certain body features such as a baboon's bottom). Mating rituals (incl "do you come here often?"); variations (in humans) around the world. A gesture in one country can have a totally different (and maybe offensive) meaning in another country. Movies - incl foreign films. "National Geographic" documentary/research films such as the Jane Goodall/Hugo von Lawick documentations of chimp body language (saw that one at uni - definitely not for cinematic release!)

    The trouble with internet research is that it's almost impossible to find primary sources online. And to do a good job, you need primary sources. And Wikipedia is NOT a primary source.

    Here is a source you should find interesting and enjoyable - Allan Pease.

    Here is his website, see if you can find ANY of his books in the library.

    Good luck!

  8. trinityroyal

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    I agree that narrowing down your topic might also help you get going.

    Body language, non-verbal communication and gestures is a big topic. Do you have a clear idea of what aspect of these items you want to cover? E.g. how impairments in the ability to perceive non-verbal signals affects one's ability to communicate? (Or something like that...that was just the first thing to pop into my head)

    Marg's suggestion about Desmond Morris's book is a good one. He has other books as well, although I can't remember the names off-hand. I think Man Watching was one of them.

    Good luck with your paper.
  9. KTMom91

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    If you have a Borders or a Barnes and Noble nearby, gather a selection of books and sit in the cafe and skim through them for info. I wrote the outline for a paper for a psychiatric class while my daughter was at the movies. They don't care if you just sit and read. You get a great selection, a table to work on, people to watch, and coffee and a muffin besides.
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    lol You guys are good !!

    Trinity, I'm in a small rural town stuck pretty much in the middle of nowhere. There isn't a single bookstore like that closer than an hour and a half away. Which stinks cuz I'd love to do just that.

    I'm working on the "nonverbal communication is just as valuable as verbal communication" angle. You know, that we get just as much, and sometimes more, from a person's body language and gestures as we do their spoken words.


    I don't know what database our school uses. I've got all I can do to manuver thru it and get the program to work for me to print the sources and create the works cited page. lol I've never used one before this paper. This is the Instructor's introduction to it for us. The paper is due next week. Since we've already handed in our thesis statements, she told us last class there was no turning back. We have to stick with our thesis statements as we turned them in. As for citing I have the book, and a handout, and she gave us a link to Perdue University that helps. Our database program creates the work cited page for us. If we add outside sources we just need to add them in. The book gives us an example of how to site a varities of sources. And we're using MLA.

    The only thing working in my favor is that while she's expecting it to be well written, cited properly, ect, she is not expecting it to be brilliant.

    Marj thanks for that link. I'm on the fence about adding in animals. Although I found it very interesting. And am now kicking myself for not choosing to go in that direction in the first place. I've got a National Geographics article sitting on my coffee table that would've been a great source.

    Susie you wouldn't believe how many well meaning friends have offered an old research paper. Well, maybe you would. lol But I was surprised. I might grumble, curse, and complain, but I do my own work. I happen to know they do this type of thing all thru the Nursing Program and I've got to learn how it's done.

    But boy am I thanking my lucky stars this is the last english class I have to take!

    Thanks everyone for the help. Oh, and Feelinalone.......I just might end up picking your brain before this is done. Thanks for the offer.

  11. everywoman

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    Daisy---a good website for setting up MLA and APA format works cited page
    You type the info in---it sets it up for you!
  12. DazedandConfused

    DazedandConfused Active Member is also a good website for siting.

    When in doubt, site. However, know that IDEAS cannot be plaigarized.