need resources to filter out good/bad halfway houses. Any really good websites?

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    Im 55 divorced Dad that gets much help from ex.
    Daughter 18. , Freshman in college. all is good.

    April 2014. 24 yr son currently in Residential Treatment Center (RTC). finally a good one we think. addressing pain issues after a botched surgery 7 years ago on his shoulder. infected on the table with MRSA. He lost all cartilage, and thinning bones, etc. Several rehabs over past 3 years(some good some not so good). Nov 2013 partial shoulder implant replacement(glenoid, socket too thin for a total implant). Son has anger issues about surgeries,and the world at large, and has lost his identity. Oppositional defiance. ADD. sociopath, though that comes with the heroin. Completed 40 days, last month. back at another Residential Treatment Center (RTC). for 30. hoping to find a halfway house on the Moon. Or in the midwest that is not a conduit for past behaviors. feel free to pm me, if any specific houses.

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    There are a lot of really bad halfway houses out there. My difficult child ended up in one after her first go round in rehab. She found it on her own. It was nothing but a flop house. We have had much better luck since then when we used halfway houses that were recommended by the treatment centers or phospitals that she has been in.

    I would say to talk to therapists and treatment centers to find out which ones they recommend. We also worked with an interventionist that specialized in finding programs that would be the best fit.
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    thanks Kathy. Son does not want to stay in Florida for a halfway house there. Has seen some of the shenanigans in the past in transitional living, and the center only will refer to ones in that state. I did find one, and am following up. In the middle of nowhere, and highly rated. You mentioned an interventionist for resources. Are most of them independent, or are they on someones payroll. That is the part that really steams us, not knowing of all the options due to never being told because of financial ties. Thank you though!
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    The interventionist we used is well known for fitting clients into the best places for them. She has contacts all around the country and places her clients in many different places. I couldn't tell you for sure if she was getting kick backs or not but she is highly regarded in the therapy community.

    I understand that your son does not want to stay in Florida (that is where my daughter is currently living after a 3-month stay in a residential treatment center in south Florida). However, we were told that the best chance for continued sobriety is for the person to stay where they got sober for at least a year.

    We refused to let our daughter come back to live here so she really didn't have a choice but to stay down there. There are good things and bad things about where she lives. There are many supports for recovery if the person wants them. There are also many relapsed addicts to tempt them.

    When I was looking for halfway houses, I found a lot of names but really couldn't find reviews for them. I wonder why that is.

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    It dawned on me to use the insurance company's behavioral website, to confirm coverage for a place I found, then verified within the community and on insurance. Pretty rare for insurance, though only lasts 90 to 180 days I think presumably as an IOP. It is hard to find reviews as there are so many sites that simply list halfway houses. Some are non profit, some for profit, and all in between. He has 2 years left on insurance, so may as well use it. That is a big reason why he got the shoulder implant last fall, though only lessened the pain somewhat, and will be another year to heal.

    Son cannot come back home either, though I said above, I found a really good one in a college town in southern Indiana,....if he can get in. Waiting to hear on that part. These folks that set up these websites, and their links, in many cases seem highly disorganized, with links and ads that have little relevance...keeping at it. May 26th coming fast.
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    Thought I would update on the halfway house. 24 yo son stayed at the facility that runs a halfway house as well. Getting his physical therapy 3x a week. Doing very very well. Some of his issues were ADD as well. He has been prescribed, and has been taking for 3 months now, a non stimulent old blood pressure medication called Intuitiv. It is now used for ADD issues. He and all of us, including his PCP are AMAZED how well it works. Better yet, it is very inexpensive. He has signed up to volunteer at a sea turtle rescue, and park. Just wanted to give some good news. Substance abuse in his case is greatly curbed by this wonder drug. Cant say enough.
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    What a fantastic update!! I am so happy for you and your difficult child.
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    That is a great update. I wonder if they are studying Intuitiv for SA issues. Would that be great if it really helped many people?