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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by standswithcourage, Jun 11, 2008.

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    My easy child son, i have posted about before, he a great kid. He will be 18 june 23 - he has delayed puberty - i have put in a call to the doctor to see if anything else is wrong but in his last physical this year he didnt say anything was wrong however - I cant get him to workout - he is a little chubby but is still nice looking - so I thought I would buy a personal trainer package for him and me this summer - what do you think? We are both off from school and one of his friends works out where we are members but my son never talks about going with him - am I overdoing it or what?
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    As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. How does he feel about this idea? Do get a trainer for you but the odds are you will be wasting your money for your son. Can you find some sport or outdoor activity he likes? It might be better to find him something he enjoys and pay for that.
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    I was thinking you should probably talk to him about it first. You never know, he might surprise you. But, he may not be interested at all. Probably a good idea to see what he thinks.
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    A lot of gyms will allow you a couple "passes" or mini-trial visits.

    Maybe take him along and see if you can get some of the trainers to encourage him, at 18 he may be thinking if he's chubby he won't have a girlfriend - so if he beefs up and is good looking it could help his self esteem.

    NOT that he needs a girl for that - but you get my drift.

    And as far as you? If you can do it - GO, working out releases frustration and makes you sleep and think better. It's a great stress reliever.
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    Yes I havae worked out forever! First to decrease my thighs and butt and then for stress. It helps the stress and that is about all. I also exercise with my daughter and that is fun. I will ask my son what he thinks - sometimes I think I havent done what I should with him - many people say I have been too involved with my difficult child - I hope not - I love my easy child son so much - I have done a lot with him and for him - I dont want to feel guilty but I think he needs a push and sometimes that is not good to do
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    My oldest son was always a bit chubby. Work out? Heck no would he do that. But, I've seen it time and time again where boys hit their early 20's and just thin out. My son is 6'6" and skinny as a stick now. He just grew up and got rid of that baby fat. Actually, maybe it was lack of money so no food. ;)

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    My oldest is my overweight one. Cory was the chubby one all through his teen years until he stopped medications and then he slimmed down to become my thinnest one. There is no way I could convince any of mine to go do something they dont want to do. Especially as a teen. From what you have said about your youngest son it seems he is a typical geeky kid...into computers, games and that sort of thing. He will find his niche. Is he getting ready for college? Does he know what he wants to do when he gets there? Thats what I would be working on with him. He could also be thinking about a part time job to earn some money for spending money at school.
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    Absolutely. Yes he is thinking about college - I was talking to him about it yesterday. He is not very overweight he just doesnt have the slim tummy or the skinnyness of an 18 year old yet. My husband was a late bloomer also and so was my difficult child - it bothers my easy child son sometimes but I dont say anything about it unless he says something to me and then I say it is in the genes it will all come together. Anyway - thanks and I have another post to start!