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    So I really (so far) like the neuropsychologist. She is new to the area, but not new to the work. Has worked in correctional facilities, and seemed very thorough. Wants all the evaluations I have ever had done on difficult child as "it is good to see trends". We talked about how difficult child's current school has been a great thing for him, about how the summer before he went there he said he was going to beat people up so he would get kicked out, but ended up loving it.

    The social skills group is run by the np and an intern. Man did difficult child have the intern snowed (I met with the np and difficult child met with the intern). He told her his mom would make him go to the group but that he did not want to and that he would not participate. The intern came in and said that difficult child needed the group but that he said he would not participate and that she did not know if he should join. NP and I looked at each other and busted up laughing. Poor intern did not know what was going on. We explained the situation, and she was still leery. I signed a release and told them to call his therapist. I said he would go, and he would participate just so he did not stand out. I emailed therapist and told her about how it went, and she said she would call the intern and talk to her. That difficult child needed to go.

    They have 5 kids so far signed up, and are hopeful they will be able to run the group with 5 kids vs the 6 that the orgainziation had previously stated was needed. Here's hoping it can fly!
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    The intern just might learn the hard way if nothing else. Glad things are going well.

    Pretzeling that it works.
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    we were in a group for a while that only had 4 kids (2 girls, 2 boys) and it was fine--in fact, it almost was better because they really got individual encouragement to socialize with each other and focus on their unique weaknesses.

    bigger isnt always better--the big group we were in was just that, a huge group of socially challenged kids looking at each other not knowing what to do :-D

    hopefully the 6 kid requirement isnt set in stone and they dont cancel on you!

    (tell him its actually fun, honest!!)