neuropsychologist Moved Up easy child's Appointment and a difficult child Update

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    I had an appointment for easy child to get academic testing done for the end of October. It was the first appointment I could get and at the time I asked if there were any earlier appointments that open up that I be called to see if I wanted them. The neuropsyche's assistant called me Friday afternoon to say that an appointment opened up for mid September and did I want it? Heck, yes, I want it! He asked me what I was having the testing done for and I went over all of the problems that easy child is having in school again (yet another doctor who heard that I was told that easy child would never be anything better than a C student and got really angry about it). He asked what insurance I have and I told him who my carrier, but that I had previously called them to make inquiries about the cost of the testing and was told that unless they discover something medical (like epilepsy) they would not cover the testing because it's not "medically necessary", but the doctor said that depending on what, if anything, they find they can try to submit it to them so that it becomes "medically necessary".

    Moving right along...

    difficult child has been okay - unless he gets pi$$ed off with someone. Then he goes right back to nasty and beligerent. He tells me that he does't have to listen to me and that he can do whatever he wants, no matter what anyone says to him. When he's not being challenged he's definately a typical teen boy and he can be really a great kid to be around. When he doesn't get what he wants? He tries to be nasty in an attempt to intimidate people. Really, it's a joy to live with (NOT!!) He is still a pain in the butt towards easy child. Always trying to bother him, starting fights with him and then turning around and telling me how it's all easy child's fault. easy child is losing his patience with him, I think. Still 5 more years until he goes to college. Some days I'm not sure if I am going to make it.

    School starts here on September 4 and it really can not come soon enough for me! difficult child is heading into 8th grade and the honors science classes take an overnight trip and that is all he keeps talking about. Apparently, he is looking forward to that trip. It sort of makes me a little nervous, but he has to learn to navigate these things and how to handle his own behavioral issues when he's out of the house. He's always done that well when he's in school, so I'm hoping that this trip will count as "in school".
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    Glad the appointment got moved up. You GO, Warrior Mom!

    So sorry about difficult child. Boy, does THAT sound familar. :(