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    I always see people mention neuropsychologist and have looked on the internet trying to get a list in my area but have not found one. Perhaps they are listed under gen psychiatric and I am not seeing if they're a neuro. Do you have to be refered by a pediatrician? I took my difficult child to his Pedi last week and he refered us to a new psychiatric but I forgot to ask about the neuropsychologist thing.

    I have always felt that after so many appointments with psychiatric that it just does progress maybe I haven't found the right one or maybe the right kind. I also wanted to know if the testing they do is any different than testing done by a regular psychiatric.

    We have always felt that difficult child suffers from more than just ADHD. His evaluation through the school lists him as emotionally distrubed, but that has such a broad meaning. I guess I'm just looking for more answers.

    Any info or suggustions on a neuropsychologist would be great.

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    Referral by someone that has used one and is pleased, is best, but that's not always possible.

    Maybe call Texas Medical Board.

    Maybe a "doctor find" site?

    Maybe call a nearby Children's Hospital?
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    Probably looking into the closest children' hospital would be best. You can also look for a neurodevelopmental pediatrician/physiatrist if you can't find a nueropsych.
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    Still looking. We do have a childrens hospital in the area but their website only listed 2 psychiatric but did not see them listed as nueropsych. I dont live in super small town there has to be someone. I think my best bet is to call the hospital directly.

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    Do you have any support groups in your area? You might contact them and get a name. We is how we got a name in our area. Good luck
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    I got a list of them from a Children's Hospital Neurologist when I took Son on an appointment. Some work through the hospital (but I would of had to wait a very, very long time for an appointment), and some were in private practice. I chose one that had a private practice, but worked for years for the children's hospital.

    I would recommend asking a Pediatric Neurologist for some referrals.
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    Thanks, that last link was really informative. We do not see a nuerologist. Almost 2 years ago we were refered to one when difficult child had a MRI and an eeg but we were not told there was a need for more followups. So any referals would most likely be through his pedi. I just took him last week and after expressing some concerns he refered us to genetic specialist for a blood test and a new psychiatric.

    While I know things with difficult child could be worse I think most people would still describe his behavior as severe at times. I guess I need to take a more proactive approach with his doctor. I dont know why he has never suggusted a multi-disciplinary evaluation or a nueropsych. After I meet with the new psychiatric I an going specifically ask. I think I am going to call the childrens hospital as well.

    Thanks for all the info.
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    Yes, be very proactive in finding a neuropsychologist. If I had listened to my Son's Pediatrician, Son never would have even seen a Neurologist. He simply didn't think it was necessary. Luckily, I have a PPO and didn't need a referral from him. I knew something was going on, but because Son wasn't behaving "extreme" in front of him, he just didn't see the need. He tries to reassure me that Son will "grow out" of it. Well, it was only getting worse as he got older, not better.

    Do not allow anyone to deter you from getting him evaluated by a Neuropysch. I found that many pedi's simply aren't aware of what is available to help diagnose, and treat, difficult children. They are focused on basic medical care and it's out of their scope of expertise. It's up to you to know.

    Good luck!
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    Wow! Holy helpful like, Batman!
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    Just so you know -- neuropsychologist refers to a neuropsychologist, not neuropsychiatrist. They are frequently under the psychology department at a children's or university hospital. A neurologist or child psychiatrist may be able to provide you with a list of neuropsychologists in your area.
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    When we moved I could not find a neuropsychologist. Not for love nor money. Or psychiatrist in OH had recommended one, but we moved before the appointment came up (we were scheduled 6 months out!).

    With recommendations from my mothers pschologist we found a developmental pediatrician. The testing was extensive. I later found that they had a neuropsychologist and a psychometrist (a psychologist trained to perform testing who's practice is focused on giving tests and interpreting the results) on the team. Each child was evaluated by every member of the team. Then the team met and discussed the test results and recommendations.

    We were very very pleased with the results, and with the treatment we received there. Because we live over an hour away, the devel. pediatrician worked with us by email when things arose between visits (every 2-3 months).

    You might be able to find a developmental pediatrician, and they might work with a neuropsychologist or know one to recommend.