neuropysch or developmental pediatrician

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    So what is the difference between the two? And which one is better?
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    A developmental pediatrician is a regular MD who specializes in developmental disorders. Neuropsychologist is a PhD who specializes in how the brain is connected to behavior, learning style, developmental milestones etc. Big oversimplification but is that what you were wondering?

    to decide which is better, it depends on your goal and their practice.

    Internet info:
    neuropsychologist: Clinical neuropsychology is the application of neuropsychological knowledge to the assessment (see neuropsychological test and neuropsychological assessment), management, and rehabilitation of people who have suffered illness or injury (particularly to the brain) which has caused neurocognitive problems. In particular they bring a psychological viewpoint to treatment, to understand how such illness and injury may affect and be affected by psychological factors. They also can offer an opinion as to whether a person is demonstrating difficulties due to brain pathology or as a consequence of an emotional or another (potentially) reversible cause. Clinical neuropsychologists often work in hospital settings in an interdisciplinary medical team; others work in private practice and may provide expert input into medico-legal proceedings.
    Dev. Pediatrician:
    If your child has a developmental, learning, or behavioral problem, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician has the training and expertise to evaluate and care for your child. Developmental-behavioral pediatricians possess training and experience to consider, in their assessments and treatments, the medical and psychosocial aspects of children's and adolescent's developmental and behavioral problems.
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    I have no experience with develpmental Pediatricians. My experience with neuro/psychological evaluations has been very helpful and included a team of people who administered various tests and then collaborated on test results and impressions to comprise a comprehensive report. To me the team approach was reassuring that the evaluation could not be too subjective. We live in a small community and had to travel a couple of hours to reach a highly regarded group. Locally there are a number of sole practioners and some of those people have preconceived and or limited insights into difficult child behaviors. Feeling confident that we actuall knew what the disorders were (instead of guessing) made it possible for our difficult child to become as good as he could become. DDD
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    I've taken difficult child 1 to neuropsychs. My sister has an appointment with a developmental pediatrician. and was wondering what the difference was. I couldn't tell her because I went to the neuropsychologist and haven't been to the other.

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    I think both can be beneficial at the same time. Dev. pediatrician. for medical diagnosis, medication suggestions, ongoing physical care which considers the special needs conditions, referrals to folks like neuropsychologist, Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), Occupational Therapist (OT), etc...

    neuropsychologist gives insight to the treatment team, helps with differential diagnosis, explains to treatment folks some of the issues are based on the testing.. if you follow up with them over the years you can track progress and see new trends and weaknesses. Just MHO it is not either or they are pretty different though as with all of them (psychiatrists, therapists, etc) both can come up with ideas for diagnosis.
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