never fails - panic attacks are back!



Nothing like feeling like a guppy out of water everywhere I go, I swear the heat and humidity is an indicator plus the mother load of stress I've been under this past month.

D/H still has not gone back to work, and yesterday he finally went to Dr. and his blood pressure was through the roof, so not to sound harsh, but now it's even more "poor me", I haven't had a chance to have my BiPolar (BP) checked but if I had to guess it's probably up as well.

Oh well I have an appointment with OB/GYN 2morrow, she always is good about giving me anti-anxiety medications, because she knows my situation.

Welp difficult child I is actually out of bed and and waiting for me to take him job hunting, it only took a brawl between him and D/H this morning to get him moving.

Leaving on a jet plane..............


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:smile: I'm up for it, where are we flying to?????

Seriously though, sorry the stress level is through the roof. Remember, if you feel your blood pressure is up, don't wait for the doctor, run to the drug store, supermarekt, wherever, and check it out. They are not 100% reliable, but they surely can let you know if you have something to worry about and should see the doctor asap.

Hope the job hunting goes well. Most of the teens around here have had no trouble finding summer work. As a matter of fact, I don't know any of easy child's that haven't found something. Seems to be a good time to look for work for the teens.

Hope all goes well at the docs for you tomorrow. Perhaps a nice long bubble bath when you get home is in order :bath:

Take it easy.

Gee, I could not POSSIBLY imagine why you would be having anxiety.

I think it is hilarious that husband gave difficult child a hard time about job hunting. Hello, pot meet kettle? They are 2 peas in a pod, and if husband is difficult child's role model, then I can see why difficult child does not think he needs to work.

To me it seems like you are trying to smooth over every problem in your household instead of addressing it with the person that needs to take responsibility for it. In another post you said your son passed up 2 jobs because he didn't like the people. Well, he has no choice. Courts ordered you to pay money for graffiti that HE did, HE should have to pay for it. He should be given a period of time to get a job, like it or not.
husband should be told to get into rehab or leave. He is no longer an asset to the family, but a liability. His job will have to give him time off for this, and it will no longer be him taking sick days. His insurance may even pay for it. But you can't keep pretending that it is OK, because it is not. HE can't keep pretending that it is ok either. It is effecting your children.

This was honest and from the heart. It may have been harsh, and if so, I am sorry. I felt you needed to hear it like this.

If these issues get addressed, perhaps you will not need the anti-anxiety medication for long...

My hugs and prayers are with you.

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I'm sorry things are so stressful-certainly no fun. Please be sure to take care of you. Hugs.


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Don't know when I'll be back again.... :kisses:

I hear you with all the stress...My husband home on short term disability and is driving me insane...


thank you to all my cyber sisters for the hugs and kind words, you are my ROCK

:doctor:"virtual ativan" LOL we could make a fortune Alison!!!

So OB/GYN has me scheduled to be speared next week (accupunture), she's a bit new age, but I love her to death, she does afterall write out my RX's. Today she gave me a CD of "positive" mantras for the car by a 76 y/o lady who used to be a hooker and now ownes a multi million $ publishing company (her words, not mine), LOL.

So I will be going back on Lexapro, I did not want to because of some of the side effects: weight gain & loss of "drive", which d/h sent the "drive" over a cliff, so I am not so worried about that one LOL, weight gain, yes, as I am already stress eating out the wing wang.

Militant SW called to inform me how great difficult child II is doing, and how he is eager to learn, she did indicate his group mate (there's only 2 kids in group currently), does trigger difficult child II, so they have seen him "get frustrated". But I still sense she's trying to push it off on our dsyfunctional family, which realistically, I recognize does not help difficult child II in many ways, but there is something else there, ask his Principal!