Never needed rattled beads and board power like this before :( :(

Hound dog

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I will be saying prayers. Many prayers.

If it were me, I'd have a gun, legal or illegal. A heavy baseball bat. And the biggest meaness, dog on the block.

And I'd be demanding his hospitlaization or arrest.

Whatever you do, do NOT let down your guard. Don't let the kids let down their guard. Don't let SO let down his guard.

I grew up around schizophrenics. They do not let these things go. Not trying to scare you.........Ok, well maybe I am. Watch your backs. And inlist the entire neighborhood if needed to get this guy locked up so you can be safe.



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I am so sorry this is happening to you. You, difficult child, and SO must be so afraid of what might happen. Please protect yourselves. I am praying for you all that this will end soon.


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I hope that they will find a way to keep him securely tucked away for a considerable amount of time. Honestly, I might be more worried if he didn't live just across the way, because at least, for now, you know right where he is at. If he moves somewhere else, where will he be? Will he be hanging out at the mall waiting for your shopping day? Sitting outside S/O's work, or your work? Watching the kids at school? This just gives me the creeps to even think about it.

I hope that everyone is giving complete statements to the police. You might want to do what you can to get them to at least sign a statement as to what they have witnessed so that a few years down the road you don't have to start from scratch, should he get out and decide to come back.

I'm just incredibly sorry that you and your family is going through this. This is just awful!


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I am still so horrified and shocked by this. Lisa is very right - schizophrenics do NOT let these things go. We lived above a schizophrenic drug dealer who molested his girlfriend's kids. NO calls to police helped us, even when he was openly threatening us, or when he was outside molesting the kids. Right out on the lawn. Even WITH statements they could not make him move because it was not his apartment. Even WITH the police witnessing the molestation.

I finally got him to leave me alone by doing fake voodoo ceremonies out on the balcony and lawn. Black candles, chanting latin words (nonsense when translated, stuff like the farmer lives in the forest, but they didn't know this. The cops luckily DID have an officer who responded who knew this. He had a tough time not laughing! But since it was my "religion" I was protected when doing "ceremonies" anywhere. They gave this guy a terrifying warning that I could do things like make him crazy, make him unable to have his "male parts" work ever again, that nothing medicine could do would help him if he messed with us, etc...

It scared him enough that he never again would even be outside if we came out. But it could have had other results. Luckily my uncle knew all the cops and they KNEW how dangerously ill he was. He kept getting let out BECAUSE he was too ill to understand the consequences of his actions!

That may be part of what this guy is using to stay free. If he truly is part of a white supremist group they will have lawyers who will "protect" him as much as is possible. That is IF this group considers him a member. He may be too crazy for them, but I would doubt this.

Keep pestering the doctor. Demand to know WHY he WANTS you to be murdered? The man is clearly a danger but the doctor won't make a call to commit him?? I would be VERY vocal about this, including telling him you will be taking out an ad about this in the local paper. Or writing a letter to the editor if it has any chance of being published. Maybe even get the paper to do an article about this, a dangerously mentally ill person who the authorities won't protect you from, who the doctor won't even make a phone call to commit him as a danger, even with his rantings and attack on a productive member of the community.

Put ALL the pressure you can on the doctor. It seems to be the only way to get some help, even temporarily.

The dog suggestion is a good one. does anyone have a dog they can loan you? If not a friend or neighbor, maybe the police know someone with a dog that you can borrow? If pets are not allowed I would pressure the owner to make a temporary exception for you.

I am praying as much as I can for your safety.


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Hon, if you can't buy a weapon, buy a few big dogs who bark. I'm serious. I have three small dogs who are territorial about our house and when anyone comes near they sound like three pitbulls behind the doors and we don't even need to lock our doors. Nobody would come in our house, nobody ever has. I was once told that dogs detract intruders more than weapons because they make so much noise BEFORE the house is entered. Keep the dogs with you when you are outside. I don't know if what kind of breed laws you have. I'd pick an older German Shepherd who is known to be protective of his owners. But almost any dog will attack somebody who goes after their beloved owner, even a passive dog like a Labrador.

I hope this man is off the streets soon. I really think that our laws, at least in the US, for protecting mental health patients have gone so far the other way that it's nuts. Family can't even admit a sick loved one to the hospital without his permission unless he is actively suicidal or homicidal and we have to prove it. Pretty insane, really, that a psychotic person isn't put in the custody of the family or at least the court. (((Hugs))). What a totally horrific experience (shudder).


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I would leave weapons out of it - it's too easy for someone like this to grab a weapon anduse it against you. Besides, he would ten be on firmer ground to claim you attacked him - after all, you had the weapon.

A strong suggestion re the doctor - get quotes for moving. Include in the qotes the cost to get someone else to do the packing (since your MS has flared up), the various costs associated with going into hiding, the health costs to SO, all other associated costs - then tell the doctor that unless the guy gets help, you will give the doctor the bill.

Of course, if this is totally unreasonable, then point out that you are understanably distraught, since this bloke deliberately made an opportunity to be alone with your So so he could kill you, he has made open threats, there is actualtyserious physical damage, the bloke has also openly declared that he is after you and your kids. You need to plan to move, and let the doctor know that this will become necessary if the police are unable to keep you safe. NAd without the doctor maknig tta phone call, the police cannot keep you safe.

it's in the doctor's hands.

I understand the need for confidentiality, but YOU are in trouble, you are also a patient of this doctor's and he has an obligation to you and SO as well.

Confront the doctor with the evidence, make it clear you do not want the doctor to divulge any details to you, but you DO want the doctor's help to be safe. Otherwise - you will have to go on the run. And that is expensive.

Or you could go to your local politicians, ask them to find ways to keep you safe. or go to the media. Complain about a system that allows a person to be attacked like this, to hear threats made with plenty of witnesses, and yet still not be able to be kept safe from the danger of further attacks. If you go to the media, push the problems for the kids too.

Sometimes you just have to fight dirty.



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OMG, I am shaking after reading this.
You poor thing.
First of all, I am relieved that your SO is okay. I would have been hysterical, too. The way the whole thing played out, and he was missing ... I wouldn't know what to think.

I agree, either stay with-a friend, or get a dog.

Susiestar, I love the voodoo idea! Very clever.

I don't think it would work in this case, though.

Monday just can't come too soon, can it? Sigh.

I'm sitting here wondering what I would do in your circumstances, and frankly, you've done quite a lot. You've spoken with-the police and have gotten a lot of advice. You're working on putting together an open-and-shut case. You've got a call in to the dr.

Maybe a call to a local politician to change the laws may be a good idea.
You never know.

In the meantime, keep records of everything.

And when this all passes, be happy that you will have rock solid relationships with-all of your neighbors. They sound wonderful.

I hope your difficult child is doing okay with-all of this. It's so hard.


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Thanks once again to the new posters.
Well I won't go into detail as I don't need to get myself upset again but he was emailing the superintendent and some more insight to his mind came about. He also kind of cornered another neighbour and they played nice so he wouldnt turn on them, and listened to him for a bit in their driveway until he left. More insight. He was even trying to rent another empty place on MY STREET just a few doors away. Thank goodness he is unaware of the neighbourhood lockdown and watch program we've all created. Everyone knows. Nobody will rent to him here. But proof he wants to continue this after he is forced to move. So much for hoping for that.

We're considering many options for long term. Perhaps with my S/O joining air force, a request that instead of remaining here for first 2 years before posting to another base, we can get posted right away, as in by time school starts in Sept. If we get posted, all bases are far from here, plus they are secure and he won't know where we've gone etc anyhow. I doubt he'd travel to try something. He likes the safety of this road, his home etc. I think to him its his safe haven around here where he can play his twisted games etc. Moving is definitly something we are taking seriously and talking about. It seems logical.
Meanwhile, difficult child and S/O had a good sleep. I myself didn't sleep but for perhaps 2 hours broken sleep. This isn't good! So now S/O and I are on a mission for me to RELAX and just sleep. Any calls today he will field and unless mandatory, will not talk to me about any new information coming in until I'm well rested. Seems a reasonable approach since it means I feel safe resting and letting myself feel safe to sleep knowing S/O is rested, calls won't go unanswered from neighbours and he can be alert. I've always been made to feel safe with him and somehow he is like a magic safe potion, my trust and faith in him is just that way. So I'm off to bed with my cat and a book and a muscle relaxant and S/O plans to not wake me if I can sleep a good sleep, for at least 8 hours. My schedule will be messed up for sure, but heck. It's already been destroyed. So sleep it is!!!!!! I'm told to expect a nice special dinner when I wake up. Have I mentioned how I love this man??? Trying times like this can bring people together or can harm them. We were so good before this, and now through this we are just in sync even more and that has helped alot.
Sleep vibes are good ... send them north k??
Again, thanks for all the input and caring and beads!!!
I keep saying, we're here again today, drama continues but nobody is hurt today and we are safe right now. That helps to. I hope to meet rip van winkle on my travel to my bed. Night Night!!


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Im sorry this is happening. How horrifying!

One thing you said struck me though. He gets bail. How is he paying for bail?

Yes everyone but murderers get a bail set but it is normally quite high for some cases and if someone is not wealthy and doesnt own property, well, how are they coming up with bail money? Good lord, Corys bond just for his DWLR was 10K, I cant imagine this guys bond wasnt a whole lot more than that and he would have needed surety and 15% down. Not easy on a major bond. For attempted murder or even felonious assualt along with the other assorted charges they could have added on that one, they would have had at least a 60 to 100K bond. (I am just shocked that I am getting so good at figuring bonds!)

Would this guy have access to those type of funds? And would any bail bondsman even touch an unmedicated schizophrenic? Here I have to sign promising Cory will be good because he is mentally ill.


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I don't think money is required, from what she has posted. They just have the criminal sign a paper saying he won't do anything bad.

That is a pitiful way to handle it, in my opinion.

I hope you get good sleep. Sending the ZZZZZ's to you!

Check in when you can, maybe at least once a day so we know you are all ok?

I think you should find an investigative reporter and talk them into covering this. Maybe then you would get answers and results.

Marg had a great idea for contacting the doctor and letting him know her safety was in his hands - either sign this guy in or pay for the move and hiding.

Gentle hugs, I am glad you feel safe with SO, and that he is doing well. We are protecting you with all our love, I hope you can feel it like a warm, comforting blanket.


Here we go again!
I am praying for you and your family and hope that this nightmare ends soon and they get this guy off the streets! :scared: How absolutely horrifying!

I think MWM's suggestion about a dog (if not a gun) is excellent. And I agree that you should probably leave the area for a bit until you know what's going to happen with this guy. The cabin sounds like an excellent idea.



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How on earth can you ROR a violent crime? Unheard of here. Especially if this is not his first ride on the merry go round. He has obviously been a frequent flyer with the cops busting his door down so he has some sort of record.


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How on earth can you ROR a violent crime?
Janet, welcome to the Province of Ontario! I don`t want to hijack the thread so I`ll say no more about our local `justice`system, but that part doesn`t surprise me in the least.

Mattsmom, you, your SO and your family are in my prayers daily. I hope you`re able to lean on that doctor to get him to make the calls, so that the dangerous neighbour can be locked up.

I also hope that you`re able to make arrangements to relocate to one of the armed forces bases right away, rather than having to go through the waiting period.

I`m so sorry that you`re in this situation, but glad that all of your neighbours and the police are aware and supportive.

Sending many hugs.



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OMG! I am so sorry for this horrible event in your life. I hope you can find a way to get out of there quick.

Saying prayers for you and your family and your neighborhood!


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WOW....and I thought our justice system was rotated clockwise.

Guess all I can do is offer very good thoughts. Get rolls of coins and keep them in a sock. Tie the sock up and you can use that to swing at someone. Very good weapon.

That never really occurred to me as a true weapon until I boarded a plane a few years ago. I had a zip lock bag with a ton of change in it that I was taking with me for a friend with a bunch of kids. It was all in nickles, dimes and quarters. They actually questioned me about this baggie of change because my purse was so heavy. I didnt have much else in the purse except my wallet, cigarettes, lighter and this baggie. It was a denim purse. They claimed it could be used as a weapon. I said...hmmm...ok. Well I guess it could but it was my I explained the change was to give to the kids. They let me through finally.

On the plane I thought...let a hijacker try and bring down this plane. Me and my purse are gonna save us all! He would need far more than a box cutter to get through 300 pounds of fat old me and my 30 pound change purse!


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Janet, you ALWAYS have a way of looking at things that makes me smile!!! I love you and your 30 pound change purse!

Mattsmom, Can you try to check in every day or so? We are all gonna keep praying for you no matter what, and I am set to do the nekkid chicken liver dance once the sun is fully up, so you don't have to worry we will stop praying and rattlin' beads. It would just make us feel better if we have some info, even just a Hi, all is OK, or whatever, every day.


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I'm appalled. I don't have anything to add except you and family are in my prayers. I hope they can do something to this guy.




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I was gone all weekend and am a bit late coming in this but OMG!!! First of all, I am so glad your SO will be ok and everyone else is ok.

I know you are in a different country with different laws but holy carp!!!! My mother in law is schizophrenic and while we KNEW at one point that she needed hospitalized, we had to wait till she became a danger. When she snapped one day and started attacking her daughter with the antennae from a radio, we were FINALLY able to do something. That's just incomprehensible that this guy can do all that he's done and can't be admitted or jailed. I'm with everyone else....check in here daily AT LEAST! Go to the media, government, doctors, police....anyone you can think of. The laws obviously need changed and unfortunately it could possibly take a horrible tragedy before that happens unless these people pry their heads out of their backsides. This is common sense and the powers that be need to realize it.

Prayers and good thoughts going out, beads rattling, chicken livers thawing. STAY SAFE and keep us updated. HUGS


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I hope you've gotten some much-needed rest.
Now that I have two cats, I know how cozy it is to curl up with-them. :)
I'm sending calming vibes your way ...