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    So we adopted a new little kitty today. One of the nurse's aides at work brought her in to see if she could find her a good home. She was going to take her, but decided against it because her little yorkie does not like the cat. So my heart melted once I saw this adorable little kitten. She is all black with blue eyes. One interesting feature is she has no tail. But that's okay. I fell in love with her immediately. She spent about an hour sitting on my shoulder at work before I could take her home with difficult child at lunch time. difficult child, a huge cat lover, is thrilled to pieces. Our other cat Lily is still undecided. She tried to sniff her and the kitten became afraid and hid behind our refrigerator. When I left to go back to work it looked like the kitten was about to come out again and try and get to know Lily. So now difficult child is home with the two cats. I hope they get along. Lily has been used to having the rule of the house for the last year. Hopefully they will grow to love each other. I had a bad experience with two male cats once. They grew up together as kittens and loved each other. Then when they reached adult hood they started to hate each other. They both refused to use the litter box and they fought terribly. It got so bad that I had to give one of them up for adoption because they tore each other up so bad. I am hoping these two cats, since they are both female, won't be so territorial. So anyway for now we are happy to have a new little furbaby to love on. I would post pics but I'm not sure how to do that from my phone.
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    I believe the tailless cats are called Manx. They tend to be a little fiestier if I'm not mistaken.
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    Manx cats are an actual breed with special characteristics aside from the lack of a tail.

    The mutation that causes the lack of tail is the same one as that which causes spina bifida in humans. As a result, while tailless cats do not suffer the same crippling that humans do, they are more prone to bladder problems and constipation. While most tailless cats live long healthy lives, it is something to be aware of.

    The only signs of neurological deficiency shown by many tailless cats is a "bunny-hopping" gait with the back legs.

    Other than that, they are normal cats in every way except for the missing tail.
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    Our kitty is a Manx. They are fiesty and entertaining. You may want to read up. They tend to have unique traits (not bad). Also they tend to bond to their owners. They are often referred to as "one family cats". When I moved in Feb I had to temporarily leave our Pepper with family. She literally starved herself and wouldn't drink. She was probably a day from dying and I went to pick her up because I was terrified. Still was unsure she would survive. The brat literally had no hydration. She is fat. She had hanging skin everywhere from literally no fluids. The minute she was out of her carrier in my temporary place, she waltzed out like she owned the place, ate and drank like crazy and was fine because her "people" were there. We could never rehouse her to another family (not that we would want to).

    We find out Manx had nearly all the traits unique to the breed.
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    Put a picture up???

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    Well Lily has decided she still does not like her. She growls and hisses at her and has even batted her paw at her face. I think Lily needs more time to get to know her and feel comfortable with another cat in the house. I would post pics but I don't know how to with my phone. Does anybody know how I can do that? I would love to show pics of both of my furbabies.