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Hi everyone i am so excited to have found this place of support. I have a 13 year old son who has high functioning Autism, ADHD, and explosive conduct disorder he is very verbal and had only a few issues as of right now, a lot of his issues center around his inappropriate social skills but then there is is his out right defiance and wanting to argue with us about everything. at present we have not been able to find him a adhd medication that will work and we do not have access to adequate psychological services being on state Medicaid we have 3 main phsycs to choose from and all they ever have wanted to treat is his ADHD. His ADHD is the least of our worries actually we are more worried about his self destructive and violent out burst, so much so we are looking at enrolling him into a different school program out of county.

I have been very active in this world we call special needs so much so i have went back to school and in the process of getting a 2 year degree in family and social services just for helping my son and families like ours.

in the last 2 years when my son gets into trouble at home and school part of him exploding is he is now saying that he just wants to "Die" the same child who throw a melt down when he doesn't want to do a activity in class and i know it 90% learned behavior he was ether suspended on had in school suspensions 8 times last year the school was insisting that i put him back on adhd medication and allow the school to to give it to him when i was asking for a behavioral intervention beyond his "PBS class" Positive behavioral support his teacher insisted she was the school behaviorist and the district would not bring in a person for his needs as it was not needed . so i am a bit frustrated as normally he will tone down over the summer but he is at the same intensity as the school year and i have feeling it going to be rougher with him entering the 8th grade this coming year.

As a form of self help i have been running 2 support group geared more for families who have medical fragile individuals where we have swapped medical equipment and supplies "if you want the FB group info just PM me" and sorry for me to Rant on my into and for my bad grammar i am also very dyslexic.

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Hi and welcome to the community. You're a great dad, your son is lucky to have you fighting for him.

It's got to be stressful for you especially with the rages and worrying about the upcoming school year. Hang in there, do a few searches of our forum. There are many discussions that contain information that may be helpful for you. Read all you can...

Here are a couple of threads to get you started:

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Hello and welcome!
If you are using your real name here you might want to change it for anonymity purposes. The school cannot insist that you give your child ADHD medications. The violent outbursts are definitely a concern. What do the psychiatrists say about that. For us the violence was always the number one concern. Once we were able to get that under control (it took us years) we could start working on other things.

Glad you found us but sorry you needed to.


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hi and thank you very much for the great information. And yes I know the school district cannot insist on the medications and I reminded them of that as well as his aging major consent these are the same people who called Child protective services unless because we were not giving him his ADHD medsI thought that was always a good laugh as far as psychiatrists go as I said we do not have good access to psychiatry services because in our state we cannot cross county lines for psychiatric services if you're on a Medicaid health care plan so unfortunately we have to run the gauntlet of clinicians to be able to access the psychiatrist and most of them in the early years told us it was poor parenting or it was just ADHD it took me 10 years of begging and pleading in working with the right medical teams to finally get the proper diagnosis is for my son. As far as the arguing and fighting with the schools I leave that for my advocate now whom is having a wonderful time dealing with them ;)

In reality I have become my son's biggest advocate,as well as advocating for other children with special needs
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Welcome Srgsng25. One thing you said in your reply above struck me. For so many years I advocated for my son. I clearly remember when he was in 7th grade I got a call from the assistant principal of his middle school. It was state wide testing time and difficult child had written in his IEP that he could have small group testing. But, difficult child wanted to test with the rest of this classmates and not be pulled out. He went to the assistant principal about it. When she told him that it was in his IEP he told her, "call my mom, she can verbally tell you it's ok!". The assistant principal said, "It's great to see him begin to advocate for himself!"

My son just graduated from high school this June. We were fortunate to have the majority of his teachers (there were a couple lemons!) and all his administrators really get the concept of "evening the playing field" and understanding the to do that you need a truly INDIVIDUALIZED IEP, not just one with route accommodations like, "preferential seating or repeat directions".

Glad to hear you have found good healthcare now and a great advocate. Early intervention at school and home is the best! When you get a minute, take some time to do a signature.