New Irene check in thread - forgotten areas

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by keista, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. keista

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    I'm pretty sure recalling we have a member in Vermont. Wondering if anyone knows who and if they've checked in.

    I just got news from the camp that I had gone to. There was a wedding there this weekend and the party and guests (105 ppl) are stranded at the campgrounds because the roads have washed out. Fortunately there is still food available and they have a generator. No reports of damage to the cabins. A request was sent out for airlift support, so if anyone has resources or knows of anyone with such skills, please pm me and I'll pass on contact information.

    Anyway, you can see pics and videos of the intensity on The Weather Channel website. Simply devastating!

    I do hope all out members are OK.
  2. DDD

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    Just as I was going to bed last night I watched Vermont footage. Oh my goodness! Those people have been hammered by flash floods. The Governor was asked why he didn't do mandatory evacuations and he said in a nutshell Vermont is full of rivers, creeks and waterways. The State is small and there are no safe places to send people. I thought that was interesting; however, as I have seen such destruction in that State I can't help but wonder how many deaths will result from Irene. Very sad. Also a good reason to worry about any family members there...although I don't know who or how many live in that State. Fingers crossed. DDD
  3. klmno

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    I'm amazed how much damage it did throughout the NE states, as well. I heard, of course, about the threat to NYC but did not expect so much flooding throughout all those states. That is so sad.
  4. svengandhi

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    Mid-state NY, like the Catskills, was devastated. My sons' Boy Scout camp, where they all were 3 weeks ago, was flooded over. It's empty now so it's low priority, but still.

    D's school - across the lake from Vermont - had some flooding. She had laid out a new carpet that she didn't want in her lounge (she's an RA) and it was destroyed. Fortunately, it was a $25 remnant so I said I'd get her a new one. She said, I guess I shouldn't put out a rug when a rainstorm is coming.

    What I don't get are the idiots who come out. 2 kayakers almost drowned in NYC, a windsurfer did die on LI, a man died checking on his boat, 2 idiots went canoeing in Connecticut (no jokes) and one drowned. WHY? WHY?
  5. keista

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    My friend in the Poughkipsee area was stranded in her development. The only road out normally goes over a creek. At it's highest, the water was over the guardrail.

    The idiots she saw were parents walking their LITTLE kids through this water. No body should have been trying to walk through it, let alone small kids. She took some video, and the current to it was phenomenal.

    by the way, the wedding campers will most likely be getting out today. Apparently they've found back and logging roads that are sufficiently intact to access them. that doesn't help with the logistics of getting their own cars and rental cars off the property. The did get food supplies delivered via helicopter yesterday. I finally got to see some pics of my beloved campground. Fortunately it's just the roads that are a mess.
  6. TerryJ2

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    Yes, some very unusual areas were hit. Who would think Vermont? What a sad catastrophe for a wedding.
  7. keista

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    Yes, and no. They got good weather for the wedding itself and any excuse to keep celebrating together is a good one. The logistics and getting the campground accessible again are the catastrophes.

    I don't know the couple personally, but when your wedding hits the news and is announced to the whole world, it kinda makes it extra special, even for non-attention seeking brides. They were on the Today Show this morning and are supposed to be on Inside Edition tonight.