New with big problems.


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Hi everyone. I need a lot of help. I have 4 children aged 26, 22, 19 and 13. It's the 26 and 19 year olds that are the problem although the 22 year old and the 13 year old both have aspegers syndrome, they are both lovely kids.

A brief outline of the 2 troublesome ones then I will start a thread for each of them. The 26 year old has recently told me that I have messed her up and has cut contact with me "until she is ready to talk". The 19 year old has always stolen from us, has been arrested for shop lifting while we were out shopping as a family when she was 15 and her brother was 8 and very upset. She has now bought a brand new car but has not made 2 payments on it. She has told us her bank was emptied of money by someone else and claims it was fraud, we know she is lying.


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Hi Rosie, I am sorry your two oldest are acting like you describe. One of the first things to do is stop any money that is going to them. Give them some notice and then stick to what you say. If they are living with you and not following your rules and are being disrespectful like you describe, give them notice to move out and stick to it. They are adults and need to act as such. If they cannot be civil to you then perhaps you need to take a long break from them and turn your focus on yourself. I would stay completely out of their disagreements and issues. They are the only ones responsible for their relationship with each other. I hope you will spend time reading this site. There is a lot of help here. Welcome.