New Year but have not heard from Special Education

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Castle Queen, Sep 9, 2014.

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    difficult child got his IEP in February of last year, and my understanding is it's good for a year. School started for him last week and it was going to be a whole new difficult child! He didn't need any special services or to meet in social skills group, nothing! He was going to study and get good grades! So when I didn't hear anything from Mrs. S. I just let it slide- we've been super busy at work and I figured maybe difficult child had indeed turned a corner.

    Of course, I was deluded (AGAIN) Detention today for swearing in Phy Ed class.

    So, should she have contacted me? What should I have done to ensure everything continues into this year? Do I need to talk to all his teachers myself? Kicking myself, for believing things will ever be any different. And for not overseeing like I should have, and now the year is off to a bad start once again.
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    You shouldn't have to do anything, it should kick in. However, you might want to give the case manager a call to see how things are going. The squeaky wheel gets greased philosophy.