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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by liliamongthorns, Sep 30, 2007.

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    My eldest (10 yrs) has been diagnosed Bipolar, ADHD, and has Cerebral Disrhythmia.
    I grew up with a Bipolar sister and grandmother so I was thrilled to get away from that chaos as an adult. Then, my beautiful little red head has it too...
    Granted, my son has come a long way, but it's days like today where I just slip into the "why me?" mentality. I've been looking for a place where there may be other parents out there who know what I'm talking about, what I'm going through, and hopefully this is the place.

    So, hi. I'm the new girl. :teacher:
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    Hi lili!

    Welcome to ourl ittle world. You will find all sorts of help, support and friendship.

    Sorry about my typing, hand problems.

    Anyway, can you give us a little more info about you and your family? If you click on "My STuff" it will give you My Profile. You can fill us in on family members, ages, dxes, any medications, etc... This helps us keep track and not ask youthe same questions over and over.

    She is still the girl you loved when you took her home from the hospital. But we understand how upsetting any of this is. All of it is, actually.

    Who diagnosed your daughter, and how did they do it?What medications is she on?

    What lead you to look into a diagnosis, what problems were (and are) going on?

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    Hello...and welcome!!

  4. liliamongthorns

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    first, my beautiful one is a boy; my fault for not clarifying. =)
    and, he's always been a little more 'wild' than the rest of the flock. People would always ask, "What's wrong with your kid?" and I just thought he was overly excitable, just being a boy.

    That over-activity got him 13 staples in his head the day before he started Kinder.
    He had threatened teachers to 'cut their heads off' with CD's, thought he could jump out of a moving car...but he's gotten much better.

    He's on Adderall XR, Focalin, and Trileptal {sp?}.
    I'll have to update my prof, but like I said, I'm learning!
    I'm just glad there's other people out there....I thought I was going to lose my mind.
  5. liliamongthorns

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    Saw your little one's on Depakote. How's that working? Mine was on it for a while, but his psychiatrist thought he'd do better on something son didn't do well with his blood being drawn to monitor his liver from time to time. Got switched to Tripletal.
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    Just wanted to say Hi! Know where your comming from with the Bipolar. It runs in my family and Whew! the stories I could tell. I'm new too but I've already found a home here!
  7. liliamongthorns

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    ah, I'm not the only one! Yay newbie's!
  8. totoro

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    Hello!!! I want to welcome you... we are another group of BiPolar (BP)'ers!!! and oh the family stories. No matter what the diagnosis everyone here is wonderful and has great advice!!!

    Sorry you had to find us... but glad you are here. Tell us your story or ask us anything you want.
    :flower: :smile:
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    How long has he been on the Adderall? Have things improved since he started it? Gotten worse?

    It is rare that I BiPolar (BP) kid can take a stimulant without severe reactions. Although I hear once stable on the mood stabilizer, a stimulant can be introduced successfully.