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    Greetings...Placer County in northern California here. Don't know what a difficult child is yet. I have a clue that the rule is to not directly share what our dilemma is...there are codes for that (somewhere). Have been the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) route in Utah (all out of pocket) and wilderness in Idaho (also my dime). All kids adopted at birth. Researching advocacy attorneys today and ran across this site...seems promising. Would love to read the "Cliff Notes" or "Reader's digest" version of how to navigate this site.
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    I'm never any good at helping explain the ins and outs, but others will chime in with tips I'm sure :)

    difficult child is our term for our kids who are struggling, and translates to "gift from god"
    easy child is our term for our kids who aren't struggling and translates to "perfect child"

    There is a way in the profile section to make a signature that iwll appear with posts. It is helpful for providing information for other members to know about you and your family and what issues your child(ren) are dealing with. If you look at others sigs you should get a good idea of what kind of thing is common to put there.

    Welcome to the group although we always hate to see new faces which means more struggling families. I've been here for over 12 years and have remained in spite of my former difficult child having turned his life around and is now thriving at 18 and out on his own learning to cope in the adult world. The wealth of experience, wisdom, support, and caring offered here make it a place that many of us come back to even when we have things with our children under control. Friendships forge and there is a genuine desire to remain supportive to those still struggling. You've found a wonderful place and I hope you find comfort here.