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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Aug 2, 2009.

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    We picked up difficult child on Friday from his last week at this one camp. He attended a total of 5 weeks. It was mostly a day camp with over nights on Thursday evenings.

    When we went to pick him up on Friday the counselors were telling us how much they enjoyed difficult child. A bunch were saying that he is the child they enjoyed the most and developed the best relationship with. They loved his sense of humor and were telling us all these really funny things difficult child had done.

    When it was time to go he gave them all hugs, two had to chase him down but it was all in fun and then he hugged them.

    They definitely know he is a difficult child and he had difficult child moments but it was so nice to hear so many positives. They told him that they hope he comes back next summer for even more weeks. They wished he was going the next two weeks but they were already filled.

    Now difficult child will be home for two weeks and then go to a Y camp for the last two weeks before school. The other camp was through the recreation department of our sd.

    Just wanted to share such a positive about difficult child, you could tell they really liked and cared about him!
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    What a warm, fuzzy feeling that has to give you, Sharon! A truly shining moment :D So glad he's having a good summer!
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    It's truly wonderful when others "get" our kids! :)
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    Now even I have a warm fuzzy feeling. Way To Go difficult child! This is seriously great news!:D
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    Gvcmom-It really is a shining moment for him!

    TM-You are so right that it is great when others "get" our kids.

    StepTo2-Thanks for the good thoughts.

    It really was nice to hear all of these things about difficult child, wish he would share more of that side of himself at home!
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    So sorry I missed this earlier. I love hearing these types of positives about our "little wonders" ~ helps a parent's heart. It's great you found all these camps & such for difficult child to get YOU thru the summer.

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    Linda-Thanks! I honestly don't know how we would survive the summer with-o these camps. The program he is still involved with paid for 4 and a half weeks. We will pay for the last 2 weeks before school starts. After yesterday husband is wondering if we can find a way to send him to camp next week as well!
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    Awesome! I love to hear this stuff.
  9. jannie

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    I was so pleased to read your note yesterday !!! What positive compliments--enjoy the good reviews:alien: