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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, May 10, 2012.

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    Nichole and her husband are house hunting.

    She needs to know if any of you have used a cistern as the only source of water. She wants to know how that worked out for you. How to tell if it's a good working system and has been updated ect.

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    My cousins used to have one of these way out in the country.....probably still do - haven't talked to them in over 30 years - but I found this.

    We had an Artesian well in FL. And I have a well here - My pumps gone out twice since I"ve lived here 13 years - and that's expensive. If you need to have the pipes replaced THAT IS HOLY MOLY expenisve and if you need to have the well redrilled - KATY BAR THE DOOR. I don't know what kind of pressure they're used to - but DF plumbed our lines with a bit smaller and a reducer? (think that's right) and we get better pressure now. Not sure if that's anythign near a cistern. (probably not)
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    Biggest risk factor with cistern is... keeping the water clean.
    If the cistern has always been maintained, the water coming out of it should be equal in quality to the water going in.

    Is this a below-ground cistern? or above-ground?
    I had an uncle who changed his cistern into a mini-water-tower... and you'd think he'd installed city water!
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    can be issue with some mortgage lenders. We had problems because of that.
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    Thanks guys, whats the issue with the mortgage lenders? I emailed ours to see before hand if it would be an issue, hoping not. The house is a built off site and brought there kind, and it has 5 acres so I am really hoping that there is no issues :)
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    I see you found your password Nichole. LOL :)