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    Nichole has been apply anywhere she can since she quit Mc Donald's. I do have to give her credit there. However, staying home to actually be there for the call backs from these places hasn't quite sunk in yet. sigh

    She got a call back from a drug store but they wanted her to work 3rd shift, which she can't because of no sitter. I'm still holding firm on not watching Aubrey. She turned down the job.

    She got a call back today from ABX Air Frieght. Great job, pays very well and has excellent benefits. Problem 1, no car. Problem 2 no license. Nichole didn't go do either while she had the money from her last paycheck. (go figure) Instead she spent the money.

    Nichole wasn't going to call them back in the morning until I told her she was crazy if she didn't. This is the job she was hoping for. sheesh I told her that she could ask boyfriend to "spot" her the money for the license, car registration, and insurance til she got her first paycheck. ASK, not tell. And I stressed that point. I told her she HAS to stop behaving like the boy owes her the world. As an adult it's up to her to pay for this stuff. And if he agrees she has to pay him back with the first paycheck. If he doesn't agree, she has no right to get mad at him because she was supposed to have done it with her money.

    Notice I didn't offer to do this. And I only suggested boyfriend because he really wants her working, and he did help spend the money from her paycheck.

    She tried telling me she had no way to an interview. I told her she has boyfriend, easy child, and sister in law who will take her if she can get a day when one of them aren't working or going to school. (not hard)

    Notice I didn't offer to do this either. lol

    I also reminded her that she needs to take care of the car issues asap anyway or she'll be walking to the college this summer. Because I've already told her she is old enough, had opportunity enough to have that already taken care of. There is no reason that I should be expected to be her school transport, and I won't be. (I'm taking the summer off)

    She did get her medicaid going finally and is waiting for her acceptance and card.

    Then she starts talking about the S girl she was trying to be firend's with awhile back. (I thought she'd stopped talking to the girl) As luck would have it this girl is a carbon copy of Nichole only worse because alcoholism is added into the mix. Each time Nichole would tell be of some behavior this girl did ect I'd tell her hmmmmm reminds me of someone. It was uncanny. Even this girl's relationship with her boyfriend is the same only a bit worse.

    It got to the point where I told Nichole I wondered if S had entered her life to be a "mirror" by which she could see her own behaviors from the "outside" perspective. And oddly, here recently I'm seeing some changes. Nothing huge. But they are positive.

    This evening I'd decided I was eating out. I came home from school starving. easy child had called and said we could meet somewhere. husband decided to play the martyr and stayed here. Travis wanted to go but was broke. Nichole assumed I'd pay for her and the baby. I said Nope. If you want to go you pay.

    When I left she was furious. I expected an awful homecoming. But when I got back she was in a pleasant mood. Travis had scrounged up some cash. (he often fibs about how broke he is) and ordered pizza. Baby was well fed and happy.

    Too weird. lol Not a typical response from her.

    We're still waiting to see if she's pregnant. (god forbid) I'm not panicking because she's not having symptoms.

    So hold a good thought, say a prayer, this kid gets it together to get the only decent job she qualifies for in the area.

    On a side note:

    I'm more than a bit surprised Nichole hasn't made a fuss over me refusing to watch Aubrey. Afterall, I did watch Darrin while easy child was in college, and heck, I still watch him 1 day and night a week. While it wouldn't change my mind, I expected her to throw a fit about it. But she's never said a word.
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    It looks like she is "trying" to grow up. I know it is difficult enough to do the things she has to do without her dxs, but add those in and I see tremendous effort on her part. Baby steps are still moving forward.
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    It does sound like she's moving forward. Hope the interview goes well!