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    Last letter I wrote to Katie was just last week. It was in response to her letter where she said she wanted to come to xmas. I do a crochet circle twice a month. I know Katie likes to crochet when she can because I taught her as a little girl, as I did the rest of the kids. I spoke to Nichole about inviting Katie to come to the circle sunday. Nichole pointed out with the long waits for responses that probably wouldn't happen. Maybe she should just stop by and pick her up instead. Sooooo.........I put in the letter that since we wouldn't have time to hear back from her, Nichole was going to stop by on sunday and pick her up for the circle.

    Evidently saying you're going to drop it gets a much quicker response. lol

    She texted Nichole yesterday morning and said she was sorry she couldn't come because she had a baby shower to go to. Now our first thought was she backed out. But I don't think so. Katie is not very creative in her bailing excuses. It's always the someone is sick routine. So it didn't bother me. It was last minute notice anyway. Honestly, if she did go to a shower it means she's making friends, which I see as a very good thing.

    Nichole texted her today because she's recently discovered a Goodwill outlet in dayton. Their stock is unsorted, but you're welcome to come and dig through stuff and it's priced at a buck a pound. We wanted to go this weekend. We also wanted at least one chance to see Katie and spend some time with her before xmas. So Nichole invited Katie to join us, offering to treat lunch too. Katie accepted and seemed excited about going......even though we'll be heading out early in the morning.

    I'm hoping she doesn't back out at the last minute because I'm also going to use this trip to take her to her Dad's grave site, also her grandparents. (mother in law and father in law) She has never been to any of them. And well, especially as far as her Dad is concerned......there is just a total wrongness with that.
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    Wow. Nichole is really on the ball about her sister...
    Hope this works out - for ALL of you!
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    Lisa - enjoy Goodwill! I hate the outlet... I don't have the patience to dig through. Time before last when I was there, they at least had some stuff hanging. Now it's all in bins and a disaster. But good luck!!!
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    Lisa and step - where is the gw outlet? You can pm me details if you want. Thanks.

    Lisa - I hope Katie goes with you two and doesn't back out
  5. Crossing fingers for a good visit and successful shopping!
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    Crossing fingers as well. Hope everything goes as planned.
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    Sorry, Lisa, but I would not force anyone to go to a gravesite. I think you should ask. Not everyone handles that the same.

    Hope the shopping is fun and successful!
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    Oh, I'm not going to force anyone to go to the grave site. It will just give her the opportunity to go if she'd like to do so. The cemetery is not that far from Nichole's house.

    Hopeless, I'll have Nichole message me the address/directions and pass them on to you. :)
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    It's on Woodman south of 35, by where Value City used to be. (Generic enough/specific enough? LOL)