no happy ending again

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It has been 4 weeks since my difficult child moved out. In previous posts I have mentioned how she spent over one thousand dollars in the first two weeks. We had to use her savings that was in a joint account with me saved with the intention of getting her own real apartment to pay her rent on a bedroom in a house with a stranger that she does not like. The difficult child could have moved into a duplex that I own, but she didn’t want that either because she doesn’t want to be under my watchful eye, even though I am 50 miles away. Today I find out from a friend that my difficult child has been kicked out of her rented room. There was one rule in that house “no drinking, no underage kids”. The owner came home last night to a bunch of kids partying, difficult child too drunk to talk to. This is not first time in 4 weeks that this has happened, but apparently it will be the last. The owner talked to me about the situation. difficult child only told me she doesn’t know why the owner wants her to leave. I am so upset. I am so tired of the stupidity and heartache. I am so tired of not having a happy ending to this never ending situation. She is supposed to be starting college in 8 days, and now has no place to live. Of course she will likely move one loser to another now, I can’t see college happening and she was on a fully funded program from her Indian band at birth, that will all be lost too.
All I ever wanted was a nice normal family and that just isn’t going to ever happen.
So sorry about this. Just one thing I'm not clear on, if she loses her apartment, does it naturally follow that she loses college and the fully funded program too? Just wondering because is wasn't clear if this is what you are afraid will happen or if it definitely will happen. Is there a chance that if she finds another room to live in, she can still go to college with the fully funded program? It would be such a shame to lose that opportunity.... I hope it works out and that she does make the right move. ((((Hugs to you))))))


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These are her choices. There is not much you can do about it. She will figure it out eventually. Probably once she has lost everything and will have to work twice as hard to get any of it back. Her choices will cause that to happen. Not yours.

I do worry about the drinking. Is she on any medications that could be dangerous with alcohol? Is she in therapy?