No more guilt for a less than spotless home

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterbee, Aug 2, 2008.

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    If you feel that cleaning your house is too dangerous but you have to clean because that is you, then come clean my house - I am willing to take the risk, however, I am not a good housekeeper - I am not driven to clean as some are though I wish I was.

    :rofl: :rofl:
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    And, Sara, after you're done with Andy's house I know Lisa would take you up on the offer. :D

    I love to clean. You have no idea how hard it is to have to become accustomed to clutter because you're physically unable to do it. I've really learned to wear blinders. I used to clean my house and then just sit on the couch and look around and enjoy the house. I'm weird. I know.
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    Oh, of course I would let you stay here. We have a guest room set up and ready to go. My easy child is leaving for NY on Wed and returning Aug 18th. You can come then. difficult child has oral surgery on the 12th and then that Friday down to the cities for a weekend before picking up easy child at the airport. We are going to the Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum and whatever else sister in law plans (always full of fun things)

    Remember, spiders are suppose to keep the mosquitos at bay. Sometimes you have to choose your bugs! :) (just kidding - spiders vacuum up real easy and Terro takes care of ants faster then anything and mosquitos are just not allowed in the house.)

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    You are in luck - we don't have CR problems.

    Good luck on your testing.
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    Well, as someone with a less-than-tidy house AND a child with IBD, I have to remind you that the "cleanliness theory" is just a theory. If you don't have the genes for IBD, your odds of developing it are very slim. And even if you do have the genes, there have to be enough of the right triggers to activate those genes.

    Then again, my IBD-er is my oldest, and yes, my house WAS cleaner when it was just him, and yes, he did spend time in the NICU and was on heavy antibiotics for his first three weeks, as well as lots of antibiotics from about age 18 mos until age 4 due to chronic ear infections... so who knows? It's water under the bridge for him at this point.
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    Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) - You are more than welcome to practice your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) at my house any day. :D


    As for the theory............actually, I have seen some truth in it. Honestly, quite alot of truth in it. And not just with bowel issues either or allergies. But in general good health all the way around.

    Ok. So you notice strange things like that in the medical field.

    But I've noticed on average (not saying all by any means) that people with excessively clean houses are more prone to virus and bacterial infections than those with an ordinary clean, but not practically "sterile" homes.

    Why? Because the body doesn't get that gradual chance to build up immunity to ordinary run of the mill bugs. So when it eventually runs across it, or a variant that has evolved to survive all those cleaners meant to kill it, the body over reacts making the person much sicker than they would've been to begin with.

    This is why warnings have been put out to not use anti-bacterial cleaners on a reg basis. Those wonderful Lysol wipes ect are no longer thought to be so wonderful for constant every day cleaning of messes.

    I think back to my grandma. Back in her day, she didn't have refrigeration. Too poor. Fried chicken and boiled eggs were left out overnight and eaten as left overs the next day and no one thought a thing about it. She couldn't recall them ever getting sick from it.
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    Oh Good! I can rule the house off the list of causes for our troubles AND stop feeling guilty!?! Heather, you made my day!! :beautiful-female: :bigsmile:

    So, how do I get that green, smiling smiley in my post?
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    You type this without the space inbetween : D to get this :D
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    Daisy, I really think you are right. I was raised in the 50's and thinking back, I think we were a much healthier and robust lot in general than kids are today. It seems like the cleaner and more sanitized we become, the more kids come down with. I certainly don't remember kids having all the weird allergies that they come down with now - it just didn't happen, not like now anyway.

    My boss (who is the same age I am) and I were having a good giggle over this the other day ... how our whole generation managed to survive to adulthood - and without hand sanitizer! Our houses were as clean as our moms could get them with a mop and a broom, but certainly not "sanitized". We rode bikes and climbed trees all day, we played in the dirt and dug up worms, sometimes while eating a candy bar. And we SHARED those candy bars and drank out of the same soda bottles and nobody got sick and died! We pulled the hose out of the mud and drank out of it and we ate tomatoes right off the vine and nobody got sick. We ate candy bars and cupcakes and Twinkies and drank Cokes till they came out of our ears and we survived to tell the tale. And you didn't see nearly as many overweight kids then as you do now either. We ran it off! We were a lot more physically active, a lot less fussed over and petted, a lot more independent, and in general a lot healthier! And we weren't taken to the doctor every time we sneezed and put on antibiotics - if you were sick, if you didn't seem to be getting over it on your own and were getting worse, then you went to the doctor!

    I really think that has a lot to do with it. If you're kept in a sanitized atmosphere, never exposed to any kind of germs, never build up the immunities and antibodies that you should, then you're a sittin' duck for the first nasty bacteria or virus that comes along!
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    Thank you, Lisa! :D

    Oh- about the germs- someone may have said this already, but I speculate that it has something to do with exposure to all the cleaning substances along with building up an immunity to germs.
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    Woo hoo!

    I'm bringing dust INTO the house!
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