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    Evidently the honeymoon phase has worn off completely. I knew it would and this is why I haven't allowed myself to get attached to Sadie. I love her and give her plenty of attention ect. But I've learned over the years working with strays that it's best to keep a firm grip on your heart at least until the honeymoon phase has passed. You just never know what type of past a dog has lived before it comes to you.

    Sadie has shown signs of attempting to dominate Molly as of Monday. But I'd tell her no, and she'd back off. I've been anal retentive about Molly being first in absolutely everything. Travis has even done very well with that, knowing it was to prevent Sadie from showing aggression toward Molly. Yesterday there were more incidents but again Sadie would back off with a No. This morning I took them out to potty and to romp in the yard. Sadie starts again. Only although she'd stop when I told her no, I had to be much more forceful about it, and she just kept attempting to hump Molly. So I started to get ticked and decided play time was over. Molly had pushed her herding ball up onto the patio and gotten it stuck. I went to pick it up because playtime was over. Good thing I was right there, because Sadie decided at that moment to go for Molly, right for her face/throat. I grabbed her collar in time (and yeah, I know how so as not to get hurt) and immediately leashed her. Soon as the leash was on her, Sadie was her normal self again. :sigh:

    I said from the beginning of this, one incident of aggression would be all it took. I meant it.

    I'm not mad at Sadie. She's just being a dog doing what dogs do. Molly is old and sick and it probably confuses and irritates Sadie that she's boss. Sadie being younger and stronger of course wants to up her position in the pack. Why she chose that moment to assert herself is beyond me. There was no reason for it. She'd been clear across the yard when I went to pick up the ball. But it doesn't really matter. Whether I have to chose to put Molly down in the near future or she still has a couple of years left......I won't have her attacked in her own home because I tried to help a stray.

    Sad part of this is that I can't even keep her now to re-home her. Unless I keep her in her crate 24/7 there is no way to contain her. And trust me, the crate isn't an option....she is LOUD when she doesn't want to be in there and that is just mean anyway. She escapes the yard without effort, and just comes back. Obviously a lead didn't work with the neighbor lady. And even trying to supervise her inside with Molly gated and separated in the living room.............Well, there is the fact that Sadie can jump that gate anytime she pleases and go after her.

    My rescue friends are full. (it's that time of year) The no kill shelter is full. (not that I'd do that to her anyway) Neighbor lady that took her "in" before isn't an option because she can easily escape the lead, return to my yard and if Molly is out there go after her. And while the odds may be low on that........I'm not willing to take the chance. So the pound is my only option. I don't like it much. But at least we have a great gang of volunteers that work their fannies off to get the dogs/pups in the pound back to their owners, adopted, or into rescues that our kill rate has dropped from about 50 dogs or more a month to 3 last month and to them that was unacceptable. Volunteers have set up foster homes. But at the moment they're full too. Still, they'll work like mad to either get Sadie adopted into a forever home or get her into a rescue. We've had dogs go to rescues in surrounding states. Last week one went to a rescue in Va.

    Still it makes me feel really bad. It's not Sadie's fault. She's still just as good a dog as ever. And I don't believe she's normally aggressive. I think it's just because she's knows Molly is old and sick, and now she's had time to figure out Molly can't/won't defend herself. She doesn't push her luck with Rowdy. In fact, she came awfully close to finding herself attacked by him this morning even though he was still in his kennel because he was scaling the walls as I snatched her up. He was coming after her for going after Molly. And since she's new to the family......I don't think it would've just been a spanking like he'd have given Betsy. Sadie doesn't push her luck with the cats. She knows and accepts she is lower than all of them, including the outside cats. It's just Molly. The rest take no nonsense off her.

    So reluctantly, I'll take Sadie to the pound today......unless some miracle happens in the meantime. Because even as I'm sitting here writing this, Molly is whimpering (she did too much with her ball this morning) and Sadie is attentive on the opposite side of the gate and her tail is down........and now Mom is tense wondering if Sadie is going to see it as an opportunity.

    Svcks. But this is not the home for Sadie. :(

    Now I'll crate her so I can hop in the shower and try to stop mentally beating myself up for having to take Sadie to the pound.

    But I will say this, I don't regret trying with her. I'm sorry it didn't work out. If the timing had been different, this could have easily been her forever home.
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    and more {{hugs}}
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    You are such a good mommy to them. You gave her a chance but your obligation is of course to Molly. Sadie will end up in the right place, it is just a step on the road her destiny. Sorry that happened, but it will be ok. hugs....
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    Just lots of {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}, Lisa... You did do your best. And you're likely right, though as lovable as she is she has a good chance even at the pound.
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    "they'll work like mad to either get Sadie adopted into a forever home or get her into a rescue."

    Please take comfort in this and the knowledge that you did everything you could.

    In fact you gave her more than most others would. You went above and beyond.
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    You have done far more than most people would, and you know that they will work to get her to her forever home, even if it is just to get her to the next step on her journey to finding them.

    You are a good Mom and of course you cannot let Molly live in fear of some stray that you wanted to help. Molly is your child, Sadie is so far a visitor, not yet a family member. It makes no sense to put the newcomer ahead of the loving family member who has been so good to you all these years. I am sorry it hasn't worked out, but this IS the right thing to do. Even if it is hard. (((((hugs)))))
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    That's too bad. Sounds like Sadie needs to be an only dog. Hugs
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    I'm sorry Hound. :(
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    Sorry. I've been through this and kept all of the dogs. Had four at one time. They finally created a pecking order, one that I did not agree with because I wanted one to be top dog and the newcomer wanted to be top dog :) but it was what it was. At that time, none of the dogs was old or ill, though, so it's a bit of a different story.
    Best of luck.
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    Sorry Lisa but the pound does do everything to get them homes . We have gotten our last three dogs from them.
  11. Star*

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    To the cruel, irresponsible person that lives at this house who got a puppy without thinking,

    I saw you abandon your dog. It makes me wonder what kind of a person you are? When you got her, didn't you think about the lifetime committment that goes with owning a pet? Her vet bills, her upkeep, food, and care? She DEPENDED on you. She couldn't fend for herself. She was a baby, and you just cut her loose to find whatever she could find to eat, wherever she could to lay her head, whomever she could to pet her, give her attention and love - and care. You never considered she may get run over by a car, or just hit by a car and only partially killed and lay suffering, out in a storm scared to death of lighting and thunder. Have parasites and not feel good, get heartworms and die an unusually cruel death, or maybe be taken in by people that hated animals and used her for bait and have her tossed around by a fighting dog like a rag left to die bloody in a heap in agony - and all because you wanted a puppy.
    SHE WANTED SOMEONE TO LOVE HER and she thought that was you - her best friend. I watched as you as you stood on your porch and just didn't care where she went. . She was dancing around your feet with joy at the idea that you would love her. I thought you would take care of her. But time after time - she showed up at my house. I tried to return her, but when I did I saw so many people doing drugs at your house it occured to me the environment wasn't safe and she'd likely run away again. In good conscience I couldn't take her back, and I didn't want to call the law. You can see my position I'm sure.

    Your best friend looked after you in consternation, When she first came back to my house she sat down, threw her head back and she settled down, and seemed loyal to a fault, like she was waiting for you to return. You never did so she took off. You never intended to look for her - for the little animal that had given you her heart, her soul and her loyalty. You crushed her, and eventually she found her way back to us for a meal and some companionship. I already have financial strain, and couldn't afford to take her in, but I'm an animal lover and I take care of my friends - and properly - keeping in mind that mostly - they will be with me for 10, 12 years and need medical, food, treats, love, training, a yard, supervision. And your INCOMPETINCE? It has caused me weeks of grief and heartache. YOUR DOG is NOT my responsibility - YOUR LACK OF CHARACTER and RESPONSIBILITY - should NOT have created GRIEF IN MY LIFE _ but it did - because I am a responsible, caring, LOVING person who knows what it takes to own and love one single wonderful, sweet, loving dog - like that shepherd. ALL SHE WANTED WAS SOMEONE TO LOVE HER AND KEEP THEIR PROMISE. The promise that you made the day you took her from her litter mates and her Mother promising to be HER best friend. I didn't make her that promise - and it shouldn't have been me that had to take her to the shelter today -

    WHAT she must be thinking right now about YOU ----in particular. HOW BETRAYED and UNLOVED you made her feel. SHAME ON YOU. If she's not adopted? She'll be led into a room, have a tourniquet wrapped around her forelimb and have a needle injected into her - with an overdose of barbituates that will cause her heart to stop and I hope the last thing she thinks about is HOW COULD YOU? Before she goes to heaven. I want YOU to think about that. This may happen because you don't honor your committments, are irresponsible as a human, don't take care of your family, have no regard for life, and don't mind it if other people clean up your messes. Not exactly what I would call an honorable man.

    If you should ever see this letter, be warned. If I ever see you with another dog ? Your license tag number will be noted and I will take a warrant for your arrest for Cruelty to Animals. Should I get the chance to do this, I will push for you to receive the maximum punishment that the law allows. At that point I won't care if you're house is full of people doing drugs. You didn't care about that sweet soul OR that I had to do what I had to do today -

    The Bible says that man was given dominion over the earth and the animals thereupon. If you look up the word dominion, it means stewardship. Stewardship means that man is the caretaker appointed to care for The Master's property until The Master returns. Your brand of "stewardship" is unacceptable.

    The Native Americans have a legend that says that when a person dies, before he or she is admitted into Heaven; they are judged by the animals they knew here on earth. If I were judging you, you would be consigned to the deepest pits of Hell. Knowing the love and loyalty your best friend had for you, I suspect she would forgive you. I wish I could.
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    The deed is done. I took her this afternoon. I knew I really had no choice, but it's not where I want any dog to wind up if it can be at all helped.

    Strange thing. Woman who I turned her over to asked me where I'd originally found her........Seems they've had a recent rash of pickups in the same area of the same age dogs that are pretty much clones of Sadie. I think she said 3-4 of them. In fact, this woman (one of the volunteers) said she's fostering a Sadie twin right now that was found in the same area. She was not pleased to see yet another. She said it's very odd for such a thing. And now she's wondering if they all came from the same home.

    I won't be surprised if Sadie gets a foster fairly quickly. I hope, and will be praying she does.

    And I don't doubt the volunteers will work hard to find her a foster, rescue, or forever home.

    Still svcks. I've only made that trip once was with JoJo the Great Pyranese pup, but that was so they could transport her to a rescue in cincy, which I covered the fee.

    I don't ever want to make it again.
  13. Star*

    Star* call 911

    YOU don't have to think about it one more minute Hound -

    PRINT THIS LETTER OUT AND SLAP IT ON JERKWADS know where she came from - let him think about what he's done. I copied parts and melded my own and someone elses letter - but the sentiment is EXACLTY the same - after taking care of L.C when I HAVE ZERO money coming in - thanks to BW and their contesting the appeal - (grrrrrr) and I'm still taking her to the vet? BECAUSE IT is the right thing to do plus paying on Casper and POOTIES bill? AND a grandbaby shower? YEAH _ ask me about responsibility of pets......I'd tell you where I'd put this paper - but I'm trying to be a lady and steward of the city now.

    YOU need NO guilt here. I have so many tools at my dispatch disposal (evil laugh)
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    Hound you did the best you could and far better than her previous owner. I am sorry it didn't work out because we all know how much you wanted it to. Hopefully the right home will come to her very very soon. -RM