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    Well we're two days into the school year now and so far so good. The number of kids in his class isn't clear. It's anywhere from 35 to 39 and it might even be at a level to get that third teacher. The teacher was so cool and we moms joked with her at the 1st day red carpet ceremony about us "not being worthy" as we looked at all the kids she had in tow and told our kids to bow graciously to the high priestess and Mrs T. said if we came in and saw her under the desk to not be too shocked. All kidding aside I worry about how any of the kids will benefit in this situation. She didn't know he had a 504 but I gave her the low down and I got a good feeling about her.

    This is the year they get to pick an instrument to play and manster wants to play the violin; of course he'd pick one of the hardest instruments to learn but he seemed to have his mind made up.

    One thing that I picked up on that bothers me is that manster was pretty much excluding his friend "R" when she was in line up for the first day. Manster and his "girls" were all catching up since last year and excited about the 1st day and "R" was all alone behind them. I told manster to be kind to "R" because she doesn't have any friends and he right away said "that's not my problem". I just can't seem to pull the compassion out of him on this one but I keep telling him to treat others the way he would want to be treated. I know "R" is a brat and he's done being her friend but I don't want him playing those exclusion games.

    I'm sorry for not responding to posts lately and will try to catch up with everyone in the coming days.

    May God have mercy on all of us.

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    That is ridiculously high numbers!!!!!!! I feel for the kids and the teacher. Here at the 3-5th grade level our numbers are capped at 28 and I feel that is way too high!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope Manster's teacher will be able to work miracles with that huge class and that Manster will become less exclusionary. Hugs.
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    OH WOW, that's just way too many children. I think I counted 20 spots in Jett's classroom on Monday. And to me, that's pushing it!!! But they have an aide for regular classes.

    FORTY KIDS? Gee-zey-pete!
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    Wow! What a huge class! Hope things continue in a positive way and good luck with the violin!

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    Wow, that does sound like more kids than any law should allow. I'm glad to hear things are off to a good start though. I think Manster will be ok with the friends and R at school. I can't see him really being intentionally rude to someone and think it will work itself out over time. The violin sounds exciting!
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    That's crazy.

    In difficult child's class, they spend a HUGE amount of time just keeping the typical kids in line, and there's only 20. I can't imagine twice that many!
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    It might be crazy, but it happens here, too. That's the main reason I prefer not to sub for 4th - 6th grades. The classroom is just too full...bigger kids, bigger desks, bigger backpacks...but not bigger classrooms.