Note to self: He is on this diet for a reason!


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Today was youngest difficult children family birthday party. All he got was a slice of cake and a scoop of ice cream, but he is STILL awake. It's 12:40 AM here! He is on rozerum too! I just don't get it. The kid doesn't sleep through the night, he wakes up before 6:00 AM and he goes to bed past midnight. How does he function?

I just went in there and told him if this is how he acts when eating sugar, I'll be sure not to give him any again. He's jumping on his bed and his brothers beds. Playing with the speed of the ceiling fan. Chatting it up and keeping oldest difficult child awake. He's gone to the bathroom probably 3 times since midnight. I don't think he's actually going, I think he's just awake and bored.

I'm sitting here typing and rolling my eyes at myself. I did this to him by giving him sugar, I should know better.

He had sugar on his actual birthday earlier this week and was doing what is best described as "snow angels" on the carpet while attempting to watch a movie. He just couldn't sit still.

I can't sleep while he's still awake because if I don't go in there every so often, he wakes everyone else up.

ad'ajdfjalfljafjafjoroje (thats me, beating my head on my keyboard) I SHOULD KNOW BETTER BY NOW!


would he lay down and watch a movie with you? Lights out, snuggle and watch a good show?
It is so hard to keep a strict diet. I was never successful with that. Mainly because I like to eat. your kids are so close in age. Two 10 yr olds? WOW. You must be wiped out by the end of the day.


Here we go again!
Have you ever tried relaxation exercises with him? Once upon a time when we were doing Occupational Therapist (OT), a therapist taught my difficult child's slow, diaphragmatic breathing -- we called it "quiet breathing". It came in handy for times when they were bouncing off the walls at night and having a hard time settling down.

The child lays down on their back, hands at their side, and closes their eyes. Then they put one hand on their belly, and concentrate on their breathing. If they are breathing "correctly", they should feel their tummy rise as they inhale (the diaphragm is moving out to allow the lungs to fully expand with air, causing the abdomen to rise), and it falls as they exhale. Having their hand on the tummy really helps them to feel what their body should be doing when they are taking in air the right way. The more oxygen they are getting to their body and brain, the more relaxed they will become.

We do this for about five minutes or so. difficult child 2 got so that all I'd have to say is "time for quiet breathing", and he'd be yawning after about three or four deep breaths, and on his way to dreamland a few minutes after that :smile:


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All is quiet right least, I haven't heard talking or the bathroom door for at least 20 minutes.

I did that type of breathing in Theatre Arts in high school. I will try it with all the difficult child's tomorrow night and see if I have any luck. Thanks for the tip!

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Oh my do I remember those days. In fact it was a night like that which helped me fine this wonderful board. It was so hard for us to function with such little sleep. Once we had a new psychiatrist and he found out how little difficult child was sleeping he immediately put him on medications to help him sleep. Now, usually about an hour after taking his medications he falls asleep. Sending understanding hugs your way.


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Oh golly!!!!!!!!! Sounds like chaos! Was he the difficult child was the psychiatrist appointment soon? Hopefully?
I have been there done that too many times to count - sending hugs your way!


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They had one scheduled for Wednesday, but we rescheduled for next week so we could go to Florida. At least one more week of this fun stuff! Just no more sugar for him!