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    I had posted a couple of years ago about my oldest daughter who was diagnosed bipolar. My youngest daughter has now been diagnosed ADHD and mood disorders. So now I am here in this forum.

    My 3 year old grandson is quite a handful. I know there is something wrong but I am just not sure. He has always been rambunctious but for the past 6 months it is even worse than before. His mother moved out with the youngest and he stays with us and sees her maybe overnight on the weekend. He's ready to see her but after he gets over there he's ready to come home to mimi and papa. He absolutely loves his papa and cant stand to be away from him. He is constantly in motion and honestly you can see his brain trying to keep up with his mouth. He will start talking and get frustrated because he can't get the words out and just say forget it. Sleep you can forget it. He will stay up late and will wake up in the middle of the night and destroy the house. I have never in my life seen a child who will eat hand lotion but if he gets ahold of the lotion he will eat it. It looks like I'm gonna be on this board for a long time now.
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    Hi there and welcome back to the board, but sorry you had to be back here.

    Can you tell us more about your grandson...his bio. dad, any mental illnesses in his DNA, his behavior at birth, any risky behaviors his birthmother had while pregnant including drinking/drugs, any delays or any chaos in his very early years? Can he get along with his little peers, as in he doesn't hit them? Does he know how to play with toys or does he just take them apart or line them up? Is he ever violent or mean or is he sweet-natured?

    Eating non-food items is called Pica. You can look that up on the internet.

    The more info you give us, the more we can make helpful suggestions. I think it would be a good idea to have an early evaluation done by a developmental pediatrician (which is different from a regular one) or a neuropsychologist who is used to seeing very young children. He may also be able to get help from the school district's early education program. They take all sorts of kids with problems and something is obviously going on with grandson. Do you have legal custody so you can take him for help?
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    Ok here goes. When she was pregnant with him, she fell and broke her arm. They gave her morphine that morning, two days later she was in the hospital having surgery on it, under general anesthia and pain killers. They told us she would more than likely go into labor early and she did 6 weeks early and was in NICU for 8 days because his lungs werent quite developed. The first year they checked his vision and hearing and everything was fine.

    His father does have a drug addiction. He smokes and sells pot and I have heard he has now graduated to crack but I dont know for sure. He has not seen him for over a year. His name is not on the birth certificate and he has not gotten any visitation rights to him. I do believe there is some sort of mental illness in his family.

    My family does have mental illness along with her dads side of the family. Her dad has some illness not diagnosed, her oldest sister has depression, her brother has ADHD, another sister has depression and the her youngest sister has ADHD and depression. She has bipolar disorder. My sister, her aunt has bipolar disorder, adhd, drug and alcohol addiction, my father suffered from depression and I am finding out that a lot more on my moms family has some sort of illness.

    Right now I do not have legal custody of him but she has mentioned turning him over to me since she is having such a hard time dealing with him. About a month ago, she decided she was going to move out and move into her boyfriends with him and his mother along with her youngest son. She said she didn't want to take Landon away from his papa(my husband) and me. She has been getting him on the weekend for overnight and bringing him back because she cant take him any more.
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    I had noticed a couple of months ago right after he had oral surgery that he started stuttering on some letters, but I haven't been sure that it wasn't because of the anesthia. It has gotten better and not as noticeable. As far as playing, he doesn't play well with others and hits when he gets mad.

    I have started putting him in his room to calm down when he starts to really get upset and sometimes I can stop it and then sometimes its a lost cause and his tirades will last for hours. He will then turn around and be the sweetest child you had ever seen.
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    I think at this stage the best you can do is have him evaluated. He does seem to have some challenges.

    Did he have a lot of losses or caretaker changes in his infancy and toddler years? This is important. Was he back and forth with you and then dad was her and then dad was gone and then your daughter was the caregiver and he just got swapped around a lot? Did he witness any abuse or did anybody abuse him?
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    He's pretty much been around us all his life except for 2 or 3 weeks when she decided to get back with his dad. He wasn't even 2 at the time. He saw a lot of abuse at that time as his dad was abusive to her. When he was a baby he spent very little time with him. The last month is when she moved out.