Now I annoyed the Neurologist not getting another appointment so far...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Confused, Sep 24, 2013.

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    Well as u know the appointment was for Nov but called and they said today they had a cancellation!!! They asked if I had fathers Social Security for Insurance issues( he has something extra for insurance apparently) and I said no number, but we are desperate and we will get it to your office in next few days. Well- they said "come on in!" We kept repeating if it was ok, "yes they said" pulled my son out of school and BOOM!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!! They said " No appointment until we have that number!" really? OMG!!! Yes I argued back, got upset and told them they shouldn't of said we could come down then and I gues Ill have to get my son to the Pysch ward because no one is helping us!!! Well I got dirty looks

    NO I dont want him there and I feel like bolgna saying that but my son / we need help! Yes I stomped outa there.. and when we got home I did call back and apologize.My ex had called back surprisingly at that time so I gave em the number but still no appointment!!! So I guess they wont see us now. 5 years of defiance, violence, tantrums,now school getting up outa seat, cant do work and failing,( last two years more noticble cuz 1st and 2nd for the ADHD- but still signs in Pre-K and K) still hyper( yes I can deal with hyper.) etc.... Spitting on us now, yelling SHUTUP and kickin the seats even in the car ..My daughter, father and grandfather have had it, I have to find somewhere to go with him I dont know where to go. My grandfather could have a heart attack, he kicked us outa his house tonight cuz my kids violent fighting ( daughter defending self )

    The father all sudden says hes coming down because he can handle it/ them and I cant. I know they are going to convince my kids to move with them :( My daughter says she doesnt want to go but... I cant find help for my son and now he will use that excuse as well. Judge might give in

    Im calling again in the am to apoligize again and if not..I don't know what to do. Something is majorly wrong besides me not knowing how to handle this and yes, I acted dumb.. I get upset, cry or just cant think. I feel like I am failing as a mom because I cant help my son :( My daughter Im trying to help and to be happy but as she says how can she when her brother does this, and she knows she acts up a lil but she wants the attention I know

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    You are not a failure as a mom. You are... totally stressed out, and not getting any help in getting to the bottom of the problem is NOT helping.
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    Thank you InsaneCdn. My grandfather said again its my fault and dads. it starts in the home- that my son wants to be this way and doesnt care. He does understand how he acts :( So ya, Its in my head still tho

    They ( Dr evaluation) actually called back with an appointment for Oct 15( meet and greet) so I hope the evaluations- if/when they do it doesnt take long for the appointment-his teacher and Principal today said he has completely failed the first reeport card, may not pass 2nd grade. Possibly if he does classwork/homework same day due, passes tests he can maybe pass. But he's so bad he basically quit in class and Teacher isnt holding him after anymore- she said its just 0's and cried. She said nothing she is doing is helping but she wont give up on him.

    He actually did his work tonight although he's not ready for one of his tests