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You know, it's awfully nice when you finally find an awesome psychiatrist for your difficult child. :smile:

Stupid me, I got so busy with school that somehow I overlooked N's appointment. So I call and make a new one. I figure since the psychiatrist is now the only one for the county it's gonna be a long wait to get in. Office calls me back, said they put in a call to psychiatrist (she was on vacation) and psychiatrist told them to get N in asap. So they scheduled us for today.

We took the baby with us, which always tickles the psychiatrist. I figured she's probably seriously overworked and could use something to brighten her day a bit. Although she likes to see N because she's doing so well and she tries so hard to stay stable. That's a rarity for N's age patient. (heck even most adults lol)

I told her about N's weight fluxuations and the swelling and asked if there was any possibility it could be medication related. (just in case) psychiatrist is pretty sure it isn't since N's been on her medications for a long time. But we got to talking. I told her how stupid welfare branched out their medical card patients and now N has to have a new fam doctor. That she has an appoint the 23 rd, but since she's got the card they're having her see the NP instead of a doctor. And I was worried they might give me trouble ordering the thyroid tests.

This is the same doctor office that refused to order them the first time.

psychiatrist says we'll just avoid that then. She ordered the thyroid tests, plus blood sugar, kidneys, ect. N will get them done in the morning. I can pick up the results on Wed. Then we'll have the results to hand the NP when we get there. And if anything awful shows up psychiatrist will call them to get us in sooner than the 23rd. :grin:

That's one worry off my mind.


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I bet you feel ten years younger after that appointment! It's amazing how much relief is gained when you have a professional
partner. That's great. DDD


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #006600"> psychiatrist certainly sounds like she's a cut above.

you guys are very lucky.

</span> </span> </span>