number in red () next to number of replies?


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I noticed on the general board a red number inside red parenthesis next to the number of replies. Is that how many replies have been posted since I was last there?


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OK when I posted the above post, instead of being automatically taken to the thread I was taken to the list of posts for watercooler- thats different, too.....
I think I am getting a little nervous about changes here poor ole WebTV is .....antiquated......and very often when changes get made to sites, suddenly I am no longer able to access those sites........


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I know Cheryl's been tinkering around with some changes. I think the number in parenthesis is post by moderator, but I could be wrong.


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I was going to ask, too.

What does anyone suppose it COULD be?

Number of times we go back to check our own posts?

Number of times someone started to answer and then lost the post because she took too long to write it?

Number of times someone reads through the whole thread without posting?

Well, I'm out of ideas.



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My guess: the number of unviewed (by you) responses in the topic. It will probably happen to all new posts going forward.


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I think TM is correct. It showed how many "new" replies were made to the posts that I hadnt read since the last time I was here.