OK, I found a new page of scores I hadn't seen before Help with them?

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    I'm so spacy. I skipped the last page...lol.

    WRAML2 IM Del Rec
    Story memry 11 11 10
    Design Mmry 9 -- 8
    Verbal Lrning 10 8 10
    picture Memry 7 -- 8

    Pegboard 94/110

    Trial 1 37
    Trial 2 45
    Recognition 50

    Def 35
    Total 42
    Physical 50
    Worries 38
    Social 44

    Anxious 51
    Withdrawn 51
    Somatic Cmplnt 53
    Social Problems 50
    Thought Problems 52
    Attn Problems 63
    Rule brkng Bhvr 50
    Agressive Bhvr 52

    DSM-IV Diagnosis
    Axis I: Anxiety-disorder not otherwise specified-provisional
    Axis II: Deferred
    Axis III: Noncontributory
    Axis IV: History of personal trauma (she had been sexually abused by foster child)
    AXIS V: GAF 70

    I didn't bother posting her Connors Scores. He doesn't think she has ADD, although I'm still not sure. All in all though I find this useful and will pursue other things further, as well as continue her tutoring.
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    I'm not familiar with these ones... send a PM to seriously to make sure she doesn't miss the thread...!

    As far as ADD being there or not there... far too many discount the "feminine" form of ADD - which is, no behavior issues, just "space cadet" i.e. difficulty managing focus, handling distraction, etc. Does she do better on home-work than on classwork, for example? If so, managing distraction is definitely a problem for her. Any medications?

    History of sexual abuse will leave lasting anxiety issues - in all sorts of spill-over formats - so no idea why he'd make that one "provisional".

    That said... its often difficult to distinguish between ADD, working memory issues, and auditory processing problems. The end-result issues are often very similar. So, if the NS doesn't think its ADD and doesn't think its working memory, then the only other logical possibilities are... auditory processing, OR the combined-factors of a number of "marginal" issues.
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    I think it's ADD...lol. And working memory.

    And to be honest, daughter's sexual abuse trauma was dealt with early and intensively and at this time I'm certain it's not bothering her. It will from time to time, but she's doing great. I don't think that's why she's struggling. I do think test anxiety could be part of it. HOpefully Seriously will pop in. I hate to bother her :) thank you for reading these confusing scores.

    I always question professionals. I never take everything and say, "Ah, they are SO SMART that they MUST be 100% right" lol.