ok now i have a medications ?


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after reading totoros post i now have a ?

difficult child is on trileptal 300mg a day. the psychiatrist says we have to go slow and we told him we aren't seeing anything. he kind of blew us off and our next appointment was made for 7 wks later.

now we are going to a new place and still can't see a psychiatrist until april 13th. my ? is does it seem that 300mg is low? it seems to be 1/2 of what i have read about and all i have read says you don't need to take it slow like other BiPolar (BP) medications.

the school is complaining that he is not bipolar cuz the medications aren't working with-his anger outbursts at school though we have seen a little bit of change at home. we accidently gave him a double dose the other night and he got up the next morning now problem.

anyone have any feedback on the trileptal the can share with-me so i can gauge how we are doing with-it. i am so tempted to up the dose on my own to 2 pills in the morning instead of one.


From The Bipolar Child by Demitri and Janice Papolos:

"Children are typically started at 300 mg per day -- in divided doses -- 150 mg in the morning; 150 mg approximately 12 hous later. The dosage is then raied every six or seven days in increments of 300 mg (again, the 300 mg increases are best divided into two-a-day half doses) with a target dose of approximately 900 to 1,200 mg (some children may require as much as 1,500 to 2,400 mg)."

I would only increase medications under the guidance of a physician. Having said that, however, I don't think you can judge one way or another whether Trileptal will be effective for your difficult child because he is not being increased to a therapeutic dose. I would strongly recommend a call to the psychiatrist to let him know what you understand about how Trileptal is dosed. If the psychiatrist is not responsive, you may want to find another one who will be. Especially in the early days of medication trials, children should be seen frequently to get them to therapeutic levels and to gauge their responses.

by the way, ignore what the school says. They aren't doctors and can't diagnosis or treat childhood disorders.


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by the way, ignore what the school says. They aren't doctors and can't diagnosis or treat childhood disorders.</div></div>

so has anyone told them that? they seem to second guess anything i bring to them from the private sector!

thanks for the info, it makes me glad that we are changing psychiatrists. obviously the other guy couldn't take the time to deal with-us properly!


I hope you're having blood draws done monthly? OUr DR. says it wasn't necesary but the pediatrician and his new DR. said it is absolutley necesary with that medication. And no My 10 y/o difficult child was on 300mg, and every time it was upped from the beginning doe sof 75 there was a 3-4 week H@llish transition. We did take him off because it did not make enough of a difference, and that was quite a h@llish period as well.