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    I just got the email that the security officer got my package. He copied the email to several at the place I would be working and told me they would review it and follow up. So, it looks like it's all done except for awaiting the final decision. Although, I thought they were supposed to give me a drug test (??).

    Please keep fingers crossed that it's a positive decision and that they let me know VERY soon.

    I sure wish I could have found something in this state, or closer anyway. But this is where I have decided to have some faith that maybe, just maybe, this move and the military environment would give difficult child a better chance for change. He told me that he thought the bigger the change, the better chance he would have at sticking to a "new life".

    It's a little hard for me to be mentally prepared for moving to HI and financial disaster both at the same time, but I'm planning to stay busy and do whatever I can that would need to be done regardless of this decision.
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    Sounds good....fingers are crossed.

    Now, because I have "issues" that make me wonder about stuff that I have no control over in the first place ;)...have you started getting rid of nonessentials at your house? Have you made contact with the Realtor or Banker so the transition goes smoothly? Is it too cold there to have a garage sale and generate some much needed cash?

    Inquiring minds want to know.....DDD
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    I have things planned but haven't started selling yet. That was the hard part for me and I was holding out hope that something would come thru. Basicly, where I go has a lot to do with what gets sold.

    The plan is to put the house on short sell. Any offer should cover at least the primary mortgage. I have a HELOC that might or might not get completely paid off. If the house doesn't sell, they will just have to foreclose on it. It is in a great sd and was zoned to be in a new high school area so it has some bennies as far as location. It does have some difficult child damage but not stuff that's real expensive to repair.

    I'm not spending my resources to repair it, at least at this point. Right now, if they offer me the job within a week or so, I can use the resources I have to get difficult child, the dogs, and I out to HI. I am currently living in a 4 BR house (I use one as an "office") and have a prioritized list of things to sell. I have estimated moving expensives for two scenarios but what I sell and get for it determines what I move, that's because what I take can vary.

    I do need to start selling next week. I will list stuff online and probably have a moving sell so I don't have to tug things outside in questionable weather, I can walk people thru the house.

    I will need to find out if difficult child can be released to go with me or if I need to go first then return to get him before I make any reservations or pay for anything. That, of course, will be determined by 1) when I am going (assuming this comes thru) and 2) if they will release difficult child by that date. I have my availability estimated but can't go further until I know they have confirmed things- it makes a difference if I get a confirmed offer today or 3 weeks from now.

    The dogs' blood tests are done- I need to call right now and see if they passed. I just remembered.

    I also need to keep in mind that they might not choose to hire me. They wanted my "plan" for creditors and I couldn't get very specific or difinitive because the creditors won't do that without a confirmed job and salary. That could possibly throw me out of the running. I don't know if they might be going thru this process with another person at the same time and they might choose the other person due to this. If they do it with one candidate at a time, then they might try to work something out with me. on the other hand, the credit report showing years of excellent credit prior to this situation will hopefully help.
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    Glad to read that you have done sorting already. Even when not under great stress, the sorting process is a pain in the fanny. on the other hand, even though I am NOT an example to follow ;) I am a believer that getting rid of things that you do not regularly use (except family heirlooms, of course) simplifies life...even if you remain in the same home. I, for instance, used to have around 500 books. I can proudly say that I am now down to around 150 which have sentimental significance. I recently
    gave away sets of dishes, odds and ends of kitchen utensils etc. It was
    liberating. I hope your sorting process will be too. DDD
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    Well the little stuff isn't what bothers me, but it doesn't bring in much money either. It's things like a piano that I've had for 35 years and furniture I worked my tush off to get that kills me to part with and should bring some money, but not nearly what it's worth to me. I looked up valuees of things and people can't sell pianos for hardly anything these days. They cost a fortune to move though and it obviously can't be at the top of my priority list of things to take.

    Cleaning this stuff up and listing it for sell was what I was referring to in my original post when I said I would be keeping busy with things that have to be done either way. It's still hard- I could take the money I would use to move to HI and hang on here 2-3 months, but then I would have ZERO if no job here came thru and that just seems too risky to me. A min wage job isn't worth it because it wouldn't allow me to keep my home or provide for difficult child adequately.

    The vet says they didn't get the results in- they should have because I called the lab last Fri. The vet is going to call and see about them. If they didn't pass, that's another $150 and 3 weeks down the tubes, not to mention 3 more weeks of quarantine costs.
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    The vet just called back- they both passed! Yipee! That's one less worry. The dogs will be allowed on the island Feb 21, give or take a day. This would work out well if they stick to difficult child's Feb release if I could wait until then but I can't. This security process took so long that ideally, I would be out there the end of Nov or first of Dec, but now I don't see how I can move that fast. I'd try if I found out within the next few days.
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    I understand about the piano. My piano is 110 years old and an old upright style. It has such wonderful memories from my very happy childhood. on the other hand, when I move on to the great beyond...there is not one of the twelve grandchildren who play the piano. It just seems so sad that it will, no doubt, go to Habitat for Humanity or Salvation Army. If I'm able to see my final chapters closing in, I may try to find a poor church or kid's club that can make good happy use of it. I'm more attached to that old piano than I am to the china, crystal and silver. DDD
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    Sounds like a plan is in the works K----I am hoping for the best for you and difficult child.
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    Thanks, EW!

    I could take a lot more, DDD, if I wasn't spending so much to keep these darn furbabies. But, I can't imagine NOT taking them, unless I didn't think they could survive the trip. Still, this piano is nothing special as pianos go to anyone but me- I do have special memories related to it and "piddle" on it occasionally. But it is Soooo heavy- it's just not worth paying for the shipment.
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    Oh K...I wish I could find the money to come get your piano! My parents sold my piano when they divorced and I have never been able to get another one. Maybe I could beg Jamie to go buy it from you...lol. He has room! I could find a way sometime to go get it from him.
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    Janet- I can PM you about this if you are serious.
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    Oh, I am so excited for you K. I just know this is all going to work out for the very best for you - and you will on your way to HI in no time.

    :hawaii_girl:Who says that? Oh, ya know, I work in Hawaii. (Me so jealous.)