Olympics- what did I miss?

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    A couple of days ago I was seeing them advocate for the olympics to be held in Chicago. They just said it was between rio de jenero and Madrid. What did I miss?
  2. Revenge for the scandals in relationship with the games in Salt Lake City.

    UK newspapers speak something about that the members were offended because our president only were there at single day. Before the scandal the members used to travel around visiting the cities applying for the games. Then came the scandal and it was decided that the leaders should come to them.

    Leaders from most of the other countries which got the games stayed a week playing waiter for the members of this rather exclusive club and then our president only visited them for a few hours.

    It sounds odd but I think that he should have stayed away. It would properly be less offending for them.

    I think that the entire system is odd. Look at this Spanish guy who used to run this club. What is his past?
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    I don't think we can blame one person for us losing the Olympics. I went to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and would have loved to go to them in Chicago had they won it. But realistically it was a long shot. We have had the Olympics four times since 1980. The Olympics have never been held in South America and they made a good case for it going to a country where it had never been before.

    I was hoping I would be able to go to another Olympics in my lifetime and 2016 seemed the most likely.

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    According to Miss KT, Rio won.