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    Wow, I haven't been here in what seems like a lifetime.

    I am Lynn from Michigan, and I used to come here to discuss my GIF Chelsea. Chels is now 12yo. She is currently a straight A honor student in the 7th grade. She is a cheerleader and on the 7th grade girls volleyball team. Now we still have daily melt downs but thankfully they are limited to home. She has learned control that at school and in public that she can keep control enough until we make it home. Then all bets are off. She is diagnosis ADHD with BiPolar tendancies.

    Then I have Abigail, 9yo, she has juvenal psoriatic arthritis. She also has issues with her temper. She has minor Learning Disability (LD) in the language arts, she is behind in reading. She gets special help at school for reading.

    Now for the reason I am back ...
    Bethany, my 6yo. We alway knew Beth was wired differently. Our previous Dr loves her to death. This is bad in the way that that as long as she didn't have a cold or ear infection - she was fine. Well she isn't. Her speech is horrible, fine motor skills ****, now she loves younger kids, would rather be with 4yo's than 6yo. Emotionally she is more on 4yo's level. She is overly loving to everyone even strangers. She has no boundries. She will leave with YOU if you gave her a hug. She doesn't understand personal space. She can't maintain eye contact for longer than a second. She can not read simple sight words. Words she does know - mom, dad, the, cat, dog, play. Other than that - they are too hard. She can write her name legably but nothing else is. Cutting is hard for her. She has sensory issues with light and sounds mainly - she get migraines, You can tell her something is hot, she will touch it, leaving her hand there, tell you it isn't until you remove her hand.

    She does receive speech at school and Occupational Therapist (OT). Neither of these are helping. Speech has been for 2 years now. Occupational Therapist (OT) has been for 1 year. She is very weak in language arts but very strong in math.

    We did switch to a new pediatrician - she is a wonderful doctor and very through. After reviewing her IEP Speech/Occupational Therapist (OT) and her report card, her assessment testing, check up and observation of Bethany for a few visits ... she wants me to have her independently test. The school is doing more testing at the moment too. She stated she see signs of mild autism. OK, ***, where did this come from?!?!?!?!?! Monday I am supposed to make calls to see where I can go for independent testing.

    So now I am back to the real experts ... any advice, suggestions, anything?????? I am at a complete loss and floored!
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    Welcome back. I have advice for you. I would take that child for a neuropsychologist evaluation rather than depending on a pediatrician. She exhibits a lot of symptoms of high functioning or middle functioning autistic spectrum disorder, and I'd want that checked out carefully, along with everything else. Her lack of boundaries, inappropriate socializing, speech delay, fine motor skill issues, problems with eye contact and preference for younger kids are all big red flags. Of course it could be something else, but I'd still see a neuropsychologist. I would not trust the school district to do accurate testing. Good luck :)
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    Welcome back......and I totally agree with Midwest Mom. She needs a complete neuro/psychiatric examination to determine what problems exist and how she can best be supported. I have as Aspergers teen who was
    not accurately diagnosed until this past year. in my humble opinion children who are attractive AND who show affection toward adults are often seen as "so
    cute" "so secure" "charming" etc. etc. because they are not displaying
    combative behaviors. It delays help that they desperately need very early on. Good luck. DDD
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    Another vote for a neuropsychologist test. It sounds like a lot is going on and you need to get some answers. Good luck in your search.
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    Welcome back.

    Don't let a possible autism label scare you. It has some useful aspects to it. Once you find the way to 'connect', you can see some amazing things. Autistic kids are definitely wired differently, they learn in a different way. It takes time to work out the best way for them to learn, but at times they can make incredible progress - when they are ready. If you try to teach something before that brain is ready, it slides off again.

    Best advice for now - meet her where she is and work from there. Don't put age-based expectations on her. She needs to develop in her own time in her own way.

    Once you get more info on her, you will have more ideas on where to go from there.

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    Add me in to the mix for a neuro! I also agree with don't let the word autism scare you. I have 2 aspies (Aspergers Syndrome) and your little cricket seems to sound a lot like my difficult child 2. He's a great kid who'll eventually be president of the United States. (or a veterinarian - he's not sure yet - he's 7)!

    You'll find that if she's really on the spectrum that there's a lot more info out there and services available to help her. IEP's will really be more direct and centered (ok, theoretically!).

    Welcome back!

  7. ML

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    Welcome back! I agree with the others, don't let the autism label scare you. I have come to learn how how many gifts these "different" kids come with. Focus on the gifts! Glad you are back but sorry you had to be xo ML
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    Another vote for a neuropsychologist exam.

    Another hug to not worry about the label.

    Welcome back.
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    Hey treb,

    Just wanted to say welcome back!!!!! Sure has been a long time. i can't believe your oldest is 12 - and the baby is 6 - incredible! Time flies.

    Sorry for the rough start! Hugs
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    Hello and welcome. I also agree with the neuropsychologist evaluation. They're usually very thorough.