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    Drinking my coffee and watching Maggie and Molly this morning. Those two couldn't be closer if they were mother and daughter. It's a bit strange how much they appear to be mother and daughter. Folks comment on it all the time.

    Maggie is 4 months old. That went by fast. She doesn't look much like when I brought her home.......other than the coloring, she could be a different dog. If there is st. bernard there, then she didn't get the body type or size. I suspect another breed, I'm just not sure which one. Rottie might still be there, but again, I'm not seeing the stockiness. So other than the shepard mix part (which is obvious) we're a bit iffy considering who daddy was. What breed it was....well, she's definately water repellent and loves water to an extreme. She was fuzzy as a tiny baby.....and is sort of fuzzy now only not so much, her fur is much shorter than her moms which was somewhat longish.

    Maggie does this thing with her ears I swear to heaven above I've yet to see another dog do and I've been exposed to a lot of breeds/mixes over the years. She seems to have fine control over both of them, turning them whichever way she wants. Reminds me of a coyote to be honest....as they're the only ones I've seen do such a thing. If I'd known she was going to develop this ability as a tiny baby I'd have named her Radar as that's the way she seems to use them. They rarely line up anymore. It's funny. It also makes her adorable in an impish sort of way. She's mostly tan now with a dark stripe from neck to tip of tail along her bad. She has a few black spots on her tongue with indicate chow somewhere in the mix maybe a few generations back. She has hit the lanky gangly stage.....and it's cute and makes us laugh. Obvious there is much more growing to do.

    She is trying hard with this house training thing and Mom is trying hard to have patience. I've had other pups that would have random accidents throughout their first year up to 18 months for various reasons. Hers seems to be, Mom missed the single. It would be easier if the signal would not change periodically, which I keep telling her but she's not listening. Normally she'll go to a door and jump, usually the back door as she's using the back yard almost exclusively now, but if it's urgent, any door or window will do. The message is clear, she needs out NOW. But sometimes it it's urgent she'll come up and grab me like she wants to play or be petted......and I wind up missing the signal. Doesn't help that she can go out 4 times in 45 mins in the morning either. I have to regulate water intake, otherwise I'd be hauling her out every 10 mins. She drinks too much, too often and I'm going to ask the vet about it. Maybe it's normal for whatever breeds she has but I want to make sure. When the boys come.......I have to watch her closely because she get so caught up with playing with them that it's a definitely last minute warning, sometimes she doesn't make it to either me or a door. But my carpet isn't new by any means and has need shampooing anyway, not to mention has had much worse on it than mere puppy waste that is cleaned up immediately.

    Maggie has boundless energy. Reminds me of Molly when she was little. Only this time I know to both give her plenty of playtime but to limit it and to teach her self play, which I didn't Molly until much later when she began to dive me insane wanting to play non stop. She now not only walks 2 miles with Molly daily, but she's walking with Rowdy too.....which is a much smaller distance but she's encouraged him to double his distance this week, so that is a good thing. He's moving a bit better now. Not much, and it worries me for winter....but better.

    I bought her 2 frezbies and am going to try to teach her. Ought to be fun cuz I've never tried that one before. But she has the moves, trust me. She can do a flip mid air that makes your mouth hang open. She's getting pretty good at fetch, so I think if she can figure out how to catch it, it will be a source of great fun for her. I did try with Molly once, she just looked at me like I was totally stupid. Then brought me her ball. LOL

    I have got to fix the gate and the hole in the fence though so she can run the whole back yard and play with Molly that way. Right now she's using Rowdy's lead/run and that gives her a lot of area but I prefer them not having to use it. But she's still small enough to fit between the slats in the gate. What stinks is if she's playing with Molly or the cats they sometimes unhook the clasp of her lead. Then she can get loose. So far, she only comes either to the back or front door and asks to come inside. Thank goodness. Today while I"m back at the cleaning she'll not be put on the lead because when Travis hauled out trash.....she was on the lead fine.......he comes in to get another one.....opens the back door and there she is tail wagging and grinning. So now she can only be on lead when someone is downstairs and can keep looking out and checking on her and can hear her should she get loose and come to the door. Which stinks for her because she loves to be outside and can't be out there much.

    So, while I'm not sure exactly what breed combos she is.....it works for her. She is sweet through and through. Loves everybody and everything. Had to laugh yesterday as Bruce likes to sleep in laundry baskets with clean clothes (makes me so mad), well it toppled over on him because I had it on a kitchen chair. Next thing I know Maggie is barking ferociously. So I come see.....and the barking has stopped and she's trying to figure out if Bruce is ok. I think she thought someone knocked over the basket and hurt Bruce. Surprised me because he actually let her close enough to sniff and check him out. First time I ever heard her ferocious I mean business bark.......and though it's puppified right now, it will be right up there with Molly's once she's grown.
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    Lisa, we just separated the sisters....Abby and Ziva this weekend. Cory took Ziva since he lost his dog and we kept Abby. I almost cried taking Ziva over there...lol. Abby I left Abby in the house while I took Ziva away because I was afraid she would try to follow my car. I got home and she was just fine laying on my couch. We have been letting her stay inside now but of course taking her out a lot. I tried letting her sleep in my bed tonight and she lasted about half the night but I got up to pee and that woke her up and she thought that meant it was awake time and play time. Nope. She wouldnt go outside to stay until Tony got up so I had to bribe her into her kennel with a treat. I am afraid to just leave her loose in the house because I am sure she would potty somewhere.

    It was just so cute last night. I had her inside for most of the day yesterday but I put her out about 5 because her water bowl is outside. I left her out there to do her business until about 8 and when I went to call her in you could just read it on her face as she raced inside. "You mean it? Oh, I thought the fun was just a short time thing and all over for now. You mean I get to come back? Oh goodie" Then she just jumped up onto my bed and barely left it...lol.
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    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Aww, Janet, Abby is going to love being inside with you. :) That is so cute. I always do a treat for bed with a Night Night command. Maggie doesn't mind one bit regardless of time of day. And the other day easy child came and honked when she picked me up for grocery shopping........and Maggie (who gets put into her crate 99 percent of the time when I leave) has learned that honk means Mom is leaving.....went to her crate herself and waited for her treat. lol It will be a while before Maggie will be sleeping nights out of her crate. But she no longer naps in it. Living room is off limits via baby gate because she wants to chomp the furniture like a big toy, so she can only be in there when someone is watching her.

    If the gate and the hole in the fence wasn't an issue (along with the exposed garden), I'd let Molly and Maggie out to play in the yard and do their business first thing for about an hour or so at least, then a couple of hours in the evening. But I have to watch it right now because of that darn clasp issue. Maggie I know would LOVE to have the run of the whole yard, and it would be good for her.

    Sounds like you and Miss Abby are gonna be best buds though. :)
  4. DammitJanet

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    I think I have missed Abby chewing up the furniture. She loves squeaky chew toys much better and she adores those cheap peanut butter dog cookies. I also get her and Buddy rawhide bones. I can get both of them the same size because for a small dog, Buddy can chew up anything.

    Abby is just so happy now. Cory says Ziva is doing well but she isnt gonna be quite as happy because she has to be an outside dog. Of course, that is what she was here. I just had to separate them because I couldnt handle both of them and it is so obvious just from the way Abby is doing alone. She is so docile. Well...except when Tony tried to scare her to death by sneaking into the room and jumping through the door roaring really loud while she was laying down. She jumped up and started barking her head off while trying to back into me...lol. She was actually showing her teeth at him! It looked like she was smiling...lol. She was gonna protect her momma even if she was scared to death!
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    LOL Abby sounds like a winner, gonna protect her mommy for sure, even if she's scared herself. LOL

    Maggie has improved with the furniture, I just don't trust her alone with it yet. She was really bad when she was younger, like she couldn't tell the difference between the couch and her toy hedgehog. omg

    But boy did she tick momma off today. I was trying to be nice and let her and Molly romp in the yard. Now I can only do this when I'm standing out there with them. She won't try to leave the yard with me there. Little snot was doing well............then suddenly decided to have a jaunt in the garden. Well, now I can live with that although I might not like it........but when she started yanking my green bean plants out that are just sprouting beans?? Momma was HOT! Made me madder that Molly just had to come and see what she was up to and stomp all over the plants she wasn't ripping out. omg She was playing, but I worked hard on those darn plants. So after a good scolding she got brought back inside. No more free run time until I get the darn chicken wire stuff so I can fence off the garden too.

    I hope my plants survive it. I know she yanked out one or two of the darn things though. :( Onary lil bugger.
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    LOL....we had chickens that wouldnt allow me to even think about a garden. Anything that even started to grow were immediately chicken food.
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    I love your dog stories!!!! News update on mine. Nyla and Broady love each other and play so rough sometimes, but that little girl never gives up. She loves to watch tv and will just lay in front of the tv and watch and watch. Never seen a dog do that. Broady loves it when she calms down and they can snuggle together. He is a great big brother. I love to watch them together and really just love that we got her.
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    Okay...how do I convince Abby to go outside? She doesnt want to leave the house now...lol. I open the door and try to call her outside but she stands there and stares at me like Im stupid.
  9. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Leash and a treat. Put the leash on, hold the treat in your fist so she can smell it but not eat it........lead her out with the treat by saying either outside or potty or whatever term you use for outside. Leash is for if the treat doesn't work, to nudge her along.
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    Lisa, she sounds adorable!
    I've had many dogs that didn't "get it" when it came to going to the door to go out. They'd stand at any door, regardless whether I was in the room, and they'd wait. And wait. And then it would be too late.
    So I tied cowbells to each door handle (except for the front door) and taught them to ring the bells, so I could hear it when they needed to go out. I just grab the muzzle, smack the bell, and say, "Good out!" and then open the door. It takes about a month but it's worth it.
    You can get cowbells pretty much anywhere. Don't use jingle bells. They fall off. :)
  11. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I may have to resort to that, Terry. I was trying not to as Maggie also likes to play with the pull cords to the blinds......so I can see her playing with them, at least at first. Of course that might reinforce the whole ring the bell go outside thing........hmm I'll see if walmart sells jingle bells and I can make up my own version. :)
  12. DammitJanet

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    I think my issue is that Abby was so used to being outside and now is afraid we will put her back outside for good again. She will go get in her kennel every night without fail very quietly...lol. Tony has to pick her up when he gets up to leave for work right about now (4:30 am) to put her outside for her morning duties and she will stay out there until Billy gets up and he will let her back in. I have been up most of the night so I will sleep till at least noon when I am sure she will wake me up bouncing all over my bed. I really should lock my door so she will let me sleep because she is fine in the living room just playing out there and sleeping on the sofa.