One little change can make a difference

I can't believe it we added one little pill and I almost have my little boy back he is using manners and playing nice with his cousin that he never really got along with having really good days at school and at rehab and therapy nicer to my mom I just can't believe it but in the back of my head there is this little voice that is saying "how long is this going to last" but this attitude has been going on for about 2 or 3 weeks so I just hope it does not stop I love being around this little boy just pray that this is all that we have to do
Well he was on Adderall and that was kinda working then they added on a medication called Tenex (SP) or the generic Guanfacine I guess it's used in big people for blood presser I don't know but it has worked wonders for us


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my son took adderal but it just made him fall my doctor did say something about medicine like that but i did nnot want to add anything else until i kneww defintly what he has.
my son did not get sleepy with Adderall at all not even the first time we put him on it and by adding this new medication it still did not make him sleepy we have gone up on the dose in the afernoon so that he will be sleepy by bed time and even thinking of giving him a dose at bed time becasue he is not sleeping very well


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I'm glad you are seeing success !! Tenex worked quite well for my difficult child. He was on it from age 4 1/2 until age 7. It helped with activity, impulisivity, and aggression. Fingers crossed it works for you. We did change the dosages and the timing on many occasions. At first he took it twice a day in the morning and in the evening. Eventually we added an afternoon dosage and instead of night time we gave it to him around 6:00 pm. What is your child's dosage?
he takes 10mg Addreall XR and 1.5 mg (soon to be 2)of Tenex in the morning and then at around 12 he takes Adderall (short acting) and 1.5 (soon to be 2) of Tenex as of right now he is doing really well and even last night he slept all night and that has not happened in a while so it's been good right now