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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterbee, Jun 5, 2008.

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    My stepfather is blind. He has a condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa. He had to quit driving at age 25. He is now 55. He has virtually no vision. I think if there is a sharp contrast in color (white on black) and if it's large enough he can tell if something is there, but he can't identify it.

    My relationship with my stepfather has always been tenuous at best. I might talk to him once a year apart from my mom. I called him when my mom was out of town and we had a lot of snow to see if he needed anything. That's the extent of it. Too many issues from too long ago.

    However, what he does in spite of his disability is amazing. He's a woodturner by hobby and the things he makes are absolutely beautiful. Apart from having a couple days a year with a friend showing him something new, he's self-taught.

    Over the last couple of weeks, he's been creating a website. It's new and there are a couple of pictures that aren't working, but if you click on the link that reads Pictures, you can see what he's made. Those are pictures of his creations. (The website is also his creation. My mom has a hard enough time with the left-click, right-click thing. :sheepish:)

    Pretty amazing what one can accomplish despite one's obstacles.

    ETA: He's being featured in some international wood turning magazine and I think will be part of some marketing thing with some company in the industry.
  2. Shari

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    That's pretty amazing.

    Kudos to you to see thru the junk and see his talents, too, AND want to share. That's not always easy!
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    Thanks, Shari, but don't get all mushy on me. :sheepish: It is pretty cool what he does despite his blindness. And I do respect that about him. But, as all of our kids face some kind of obstacle(s), I thought it might give us mom's a little hope, Know what I mean??
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    Wow, That is cool. His craftsmanship is incredible. Please keep us posted for when he gets his site done so we can see other pics of his projects that he might post. :)
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    Beautiful pieces of work!!! Tell him kudos from me. ;) I know it's more than I can do. I can see, but can't even draw a stick figure.

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    That's great stuff. Does he sell the stuff? Trade shows? I hope someone can get his website straightened out. I'd love to see more of his work.
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    beautiful work!
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    He's got the missing pictures working. He's still working on the page format/layout and we've been emailing back and forth about that.

    He doesn't do trade shows, but he has sold some pieces. Before he started turning, he was making these beautiful cutting boards and he sold several. His company had an art fair type thing set up for a week for employees to show and sell whatever type of stuff they do and he sold some peppermills and pens. Can't remember if he sold any bowls.

    The community they live in is historic and very artsy and they have different types of festivals throughout the year. There is one coming up that they want him in to display his work and as they are going to market him in the flyer as a neighborhood artist (?..can't think of the word), they aren't charging him for the booth.

    I know there's more, but my brain isn't working.
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    That's pretty impressive! We should never give up hope, should we?