One more question.........

Does anyone know any legitimate work-from-home sources???

I have heard that the ones who charge money to "apply" are bogus.
If I could work from home I could work around my physical problems. It would be a perfect situation for me. I think that I would pretty much do anything, except telemarketing. I am very craft-y, and very organized. I don't type with more than two fingers - but I'm sure with practise I could get better.

There HAS to be real work-from-home oppurtunities out there somewhere!

I'm Hangin' on by a Thread aka Amy


The welfare office will give you lots of training classes for free and they'll pay for community college type classes if you apply to them. Many state/ county schools also have subsidized or free tuition.

I haven't found any work at home type schemes that make sense. The secret shopper things also don't work out. And certainly don't pay them to get on their list either!

Only thing that I've found that will bring in a LITTLE cash is to find some factory outlet type place to buy stuff at 75% off and sell it at 50% off on ebay. I've been studying this awhile now and I'm convinced it's possible to make some money, again not a fortune, if you can find a supplier that is selling something cheap that people will buy on ebay. You're not going to make money on ebay by buying at garage sales, selling craft stuff you've made,....there's too many people selling on ebay now. But if you can find someplace near you it could be possible.