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    Just found out I have osteoarthritis in BOTH knees.

    It is my own darn fault for carrying all this extra weight around for so many years.

    I am just in a downward spiral.

    Prior to this diagnosis, I was doing extensive research on lap band surgery.

    It is just so psychological for me (eating that is) I really need to get moving here because can just see all H*LL breaking lose any minute now with my health.

    June 7th will be one year since I quit smoking and I am very proud of myself for accomplishing that huge feat.

    Now if I could just get myself together and lose some weight and exercise regularly ...
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    OK, I can't solve all your problems. I mean, I can't even solve mine!
    But... here's a couple of ideas for you:

    1) exercise... anything water-based is going to be better for your knees... non-weight-bearing. Swimming, aquacise, etc. If you can't do that, do non-impact... bike-riding, for example, is easier on the knees than walking, as long as you're not doing major hills.

    2) food. been there done that in the present tense. Stress + lack of sleep = major carb cravings. I'm starting to learn that the answer to cravings is... sleep. STARTING. It's gonna take a while to kick in because I'm so far behind on sleep, but... it does help, even in the short run. I'm not so hungry after a nap, even if it's only 15 mins.
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    That quitting smoking is no small deal and you should be very very proud of that. It is so hard when one thing influences the other and it does feel like a spiral. the good thing is that as one piece of that changes a little it will impact the other things and you can spiral up again. I know those are just words but I really truly do view what happens to me that way. Sorry for this news, I know you can take steps to work on it but it is not fun so please know I am here (as I am sure we all are) to support you when it feels too much.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I don't know how much you weigh ------but I weighed 298 lbs - and did check into lab band and got mortified.

    I went back to my doctor and she put me on a very simple plan of eating and I lost about 2 lbs a week -

    I had horrible headaches, periods, watergain.........

    I got put on topamax, metformin (for pre-diabetes -sugars were in the 230's) and some water pill - I still take all three - I'm down to 170 - it took a year and 1/2. I went from 24 pants to size 6 pants. I have not gained ANY of it back. (okay a smidge at Christmas) I cheated.

    The plan was simple.......I called it my New Way Of Life.

    ANYONE that has done what she told me to do - LOOSES weight like (snap)

    You have to have a physical first and have an A1a blood test for pre-diabetes done.

    It's advisable to be put on something that helps you curb your appetite - but not necessary

    You MUST drink 8 bottles of water a day


    You MUST EAT BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER - and two snacks daily - at around 11:00 and 3:00 PM You have to eat to loose - no exceptions no skipping.

    Your caloric intake is no more than 2500 calories to start - give or take but not ABSOLUTE. YOU are in charge.

    You may NOT consume ANYTHING AT ALL with more than 10 grams of SUGAR - if it says 11 - and you eat it - YOU CHEATED YOURSELF.

    FAT content - sodium, low carb - doesn't matter a bit.

    You do NOT have to exercise - nope. I never did a thing, a single work out - a music video. HOWEVER - I will tell you this - Once you go from a size 24 pants to a size 16 - YOU FEEL so good you start doing crazy things like - Parking at the end of a parking lot - walking more with your dog ---you may even get an exercise machine and get off your butt and ride something. You FEEL better - you WILL MOVE more - the more you move - the more weight you loose. YOu won't HURT as bad because your little ankles and joints won't ACHE from trying to support all that weight. I couldn't walk from the handicapped stall to the door at walmart without being out of breath and having to sit - NOW I can RUN a mile with the dog........and I can walk nearly 5 without breaking a sweat. I lifted 22 tons of clothes a week and wasn't tired. My periods are normal - agoided a hysto oopho rectomy altogether and I feel mentally less foggy (mostly lol)


    SODA IS GARBAGE - EVEN DIET IS GARBAGE - it has bad stuff in it that makes you CRAVE bad foods......
    1% milk is GOOD
    100 calorie snack packs - GOOD
    ICE WATER - GOOD - because you basically FLUSH all the fat out of your system - (sorry to say but you literally pee yourself thin) How else is it going to get out? Sweat? M Not so much

    Sugar free candy - good
    Restaurant food - NO
    Pack a lunch - GOOD

    Veggies - GOOD
    Rice - pasta - (m mmmm that goes to sugar - think about that )

    Weight watchers for lunch - that's good
    Weight watchers Dessertes - LOTS OF SUGARS - BAD

    SLIM FAST - 22 grams of sugar - no wonder you don't loose weight....Most people

    So whats it going to be Shell? Huh?
  5. shellyd67

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    It sounds good Star. BUT I have tried SO many times to lose weight on my own and I just always end up giving up. I really feel like this is a possible option. Not sure but looking into it.

    It is so pyschological for me. I definetly need to she a psychiatric doctor. I will come back later. The kids are bugging me to feed them dinner ... LOL
  6. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Shelly, it is very difficult for me to stay on any diet. For ME, I have had the best success with weight watchers...and not because they give you great choices of foods to eat (I actually subscribe to the Starbie diet myself). The reason WW works FOR ME is because I am being held accountable on a weekly basis. I want to weigh in each week and feel GOOD, even if I only lost .25 lbs, it's something to cheer about...and at WW they WILL cheer when you lose! And you get gold stars and key rings when you lose more. Each week you get a mini booklet with great info and Recipes, etc. They have you introduce exercise as you are able, at your level of ability.

    Plus, WW has a couple of different plans now. The one I follow is the Core plan, because I'm mostly vegetarian and try to incorporate all whole and natural foods in my diet as opposed to packaged meals. Incidentally, the WW and lean cuisines' etc, they have a lot of sodium, which causes bloat, so be careful with those. I know people who only ate WW meals and never lost a pound. Once they began planning better and eating their own food, they lost.

    For me, I just want to feel more comfortable in my clothes and lighter inside. WW helps me stay on task. No white foods and I'm good to go. I only eat a pasta that is made from artichoke flour, it's nutty and delicious. Splenda is my sugar, in moderation, no sodas of any kind, no white breads or chips (okay, I cheat with salt and vinegar chips occasionally), dark chocolate pieces only, such as dark chocolate coved almonds, yum.

    Just my two cents. Each of us are built differently-you need to find what works for you. The older we get the more difficult it is to shed unwanted pounds, so you have to get creative and think outside the box. I have a friend who got the lap band and liposuction! Guess what? She gained nearly all her weight back. So why have a drastic surgery like that if there is no guarantee it will last? Hugs. You can do this-you quit smoking!
  7. DammitJanet

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    Shelly, you are the one who gave me the wonderful tips about clothes right?

    Well...sigh you feel my pain literally!! I hope your knees dont get as bad as mine. I need to talk to my doctor about the gastric band or something because there is no way on this earth that I am gonna lose this weight. I lost down to 210 back in 03 but I had it creep back on starting in the beginning of 06. They changed all my medications, put me on depakote, lithium, risperdal, things like that and my weight skyrocketed.

    I lost my first 100 pounds on topamax and "watch your son go to boot camp" method. I literally dropped 50 pounds while Jamie was gone for 17 weeks and by Xmas of that year I was down to 210. That was 10 months total.

    The problem is that even though the doctors have put me back on topamax, it does not have the same effect on my appetite or cause weight loss. And now that I am pretty much either bedridden or confined to sitting most of the time, I get no activity at all so everything I eat goes straight to fat. And I dont eat constantly but I do eat. And I cant not eat after 7 because that is when everyone in my family is home. I dont even get up in the morning until 10 or 11. Maybe. Im up until half the night. I have no set schedule. Tony doesnt ever get home before almost 7:45. No one can eat until then.
  8. janie

    janie New Zealand

    Hi Shelly,
    All the suggestions so far have been great.
    When you mention that there is a psychological element to it - have you thought at all about maybe attending Overeaters Anonymous?
    I am a member - and it has helped me in ALL areas of my life (I have never smoked, or had drugs or alcohol - my kids thought I was a geek for not trying anything - ... but I guess my "drug of choice was food").
    OA has helped me live my life in a much better way.
    Have a great weekend ahead.
    from Janie in NZ
  9. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    There is a diet called the medical diet, under a physicians supervision that one of my coworkers has her entire family on (they initially went for their daughter and now the whole family follows it to be supportive). She raved about it, said it's very healthy. But she did say it's a tad expensive. Do a search on line, maybe there is a dr near you who can help you with this.

    My mom struggled with her weight my entire life. I used to go to WW meetings with her and I remember her once saying to me, through her tears, "no one understands that inside this fat lady they see, there is a light happy skinny lady", it was so sad' I think i was around 10 so I didn't really get it, but of course, I eventually did.

    Hugs, once you find the right method and support, you will do well because you are a strong woman.
  10. susiestar

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    Shelly, you can go ahead and have the surgery but it won't help. Not in the long run. I HATE even thinkng this, much less typing it. But I know more than a few people who went with the surgery, had hideous complications, lost weight, stayed feeling HORRIBLE and SICK AS A DOG and within 2 yrs were heavier than before the surgery. They could not eat normally, take time release medication of ANY kind, eating ANY fat caused horrible bloating, cramps and diarrhea of the kind that needed diapers because you have NO control, and all of it was permanent and for NOTHING.

    Until/unless they addressed the psychological reasons for the eating, NOTHING worked in the long run. Not even surgery to make yourself permanently sick. And yes, from what I have seen that IS what gastric surgery tends to do. I know ONE person who had a good result for about 2 yrs, then she thought she was 'fixed' so she started trying small portions of various 'treats' like strawberries and other types of fruits, and cake and junk food. took 6 mos and she weighed MORE than she did before.

    A big reason for this, besides the psychological factors, is that the human body is incredible and will change to store calories if it thinks it is deprived. Most people are on much lower calorie diets when they get surgery, plus their body is starved for fiber and fat - with-o the complete digestive system your body cannot utilize these so if you eat them they come out explosively via one end or the other. So the body thinks it is in famine mode (this is actually what our bodies do when we eat no fat or super low fat, hence the Susan Powter no fat diet never worked but you did get dry skin, brittle hair, infections bc you skin was so dry it couldn't protect you, et..... the only reason Susan Powter was so happy about everything was she was drunk. She is an alcoholic and she later came out and admitted that it was the ONLY way she tolerated that diet.) and it packs fat away even faster.

    Please, please, please, do this the right way, not the fast way. You CAN move even with osteo. You MUST move if you want to retain the ability to walk. PLEASE get a therapist and work through WHY you eat. Or go to OA - that is also a way to work through the issues. Until you work through WHY you overeat, you will not be able to sustain weight loss. I hate this, but it IS a fact.

    One reason Starbie is able to keep to her diet is that she loves herself and is emotionally healthy for the most part. She already spent those years in therapy, so when she decided to lose the weight, she wasn't rewarding and punishing herself with food. ????? Susie, what do you mean reward AND punish? Well, most of us are overweight for many reasons. We eat to celebrate, to console, to feel better. We also eat because we don't feel, deep down where we don't talk about it, that we deserve to be healthy and what we think of as attractive. So we alos eat to punish ourselves and prove we were right - that we don't deserve to be healthy, to feel good.

    If you need a more formal diet to go along with the therapy, look into the Zone diet. It honestly will help your body repair itself. You cut out white bread/pasta/etc...., most sugars are recommended but you can get away with some if you feel you must. The Zone is all about the balance. You aim to eat 40%carb, 30% lean protein and 30% fat. This is the same balance as the Balance and Zone brand bars. THey are still candy bars, but they are the healthiest candy bars out there. they also won't give you a sugar crash the way MOST of the clif and other brand bars will - because they have balanced protein.

    Want proof the Zone works? I first heard about this while working in a bank. My entire dept did this as a team. Those who were at a healthy weight did not get sickly thin. Those who had weight to lose, did. We ALL felt better, we didn't drink as much coffee or caffeinated drinks. We felt our brains were clearer, we had more energy even first thing in the morning. We were happier - just in better moods even during PMS and periods (for the females). Health problems of all types got better. Our bosses got some big bonuses and treated us to some nice things because our productivity and profitability SKYROCKETED. NOTHING else changed in the group that would explain these things. We got other depts to join us, esp after the first potluck when we brought zone recipes in - some are strange but many are really GOOD. This is where I used to make yogurt cheese a lot (see my thread about that). Those of us who started out still including sugar (on the Zone it is okay to eat HALF a snickers if you have 2-3 oz lean deli turkey with it - so you really CAN eat real food with this), after a month or so didn't want it anymore. We just didn't even think about it until one day the vending guy complained because no one was buying anything anymore. (yes, that really happened!)

    I got my mom to do the Zone also. She has an autoimmune liver disease. the docs ALL thought that once you had damage to the liver from this disease, there was NO way to fix it. My mom cut her stress hugely and she ate by the Zone. She has a biopsy every 2 yrs. After 1 yr on the Zone, she had another biopsy. Her doctor didn't just send her the results. He wanted her in his office NOW to discuss them. She was really afraid things had gone super bad and this was a transplant discussion (that is a real possibility at some point).

    She had to have a scan (not sure if it was MRI or something else) to let them see her whole liver. This was unexpected and new and scary. THe doctor also insisted on doing it as a rush thing. So at the appointment after that, just a few days later, he demanded to know WTH she was doing? Why? Yup. Her liver was better. Not just a little better, a LOT better. Never happened in the long history of this disease and everything they knew about it better. She told the doctor that all she daughter was cut stress and the Zone diet. She told him about it and from what her doctor and his colleagues figured out, her body HEALED damage because on the Zone it was somehow able to do this. They wrote a journal article and put all of their patients on this diet. Not all patients did the diet because of course not everyone listens to the doctor esp about diets. The patients who followed the zone diet for more than a few months started seeing improvement in their overall health AND when biopsied also had improvements taht were not supposed to be able to happen.

    THIS is why i recommend the Zone diet. There are a TON of books by Dr. Barry Sears about this diet. Including cookbooks. The change in how you feel happens in about 2 weeks. It is incredible, honestly and truly incredible. You also can follow all of Starbie's rules - the portion control rules are super important - meat the size of the palm of your hand, the thickness of a deck of cards. The Zone books willl give you guidelines like 1 cup cooked veggies is the size of a baseball (I think that is it, but the book has the actual type of ball - these give you a basic frame of reference that is more meaningful than "1 cup green beans". it is much more effectve to eyeball it and have an object to compare it to.

    I really hope you can follow the eating plan of your choice and get some therapy BEFORE you go ahead with a surgical option. I don't want you to be miserable and unable to eat foods that you NEED (like fruit and foods with fiber) and that is the only long term result of many gastic surgery options. I think mattsmom has had such great success (and she has which is AWESOME and I truly applaud her!) because she did have the therapy and she worked at that as well as at her diet.

    ((((((hugs)))))) Whatever you decide, you have my support. I hope you feel better soon. Arthritis hoovers like the tractor beam on the Death Star.
  11. buddy

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    sorry this is a little off track.... Janet I didn't realize you were on Topomax, or did I??? I was on that too and lost weight... but the main thing that happened... HUGE word finding (for me specifically names, really struggled with that) issues. You have mentioned how much that is an issue for you since your brain injury and it is probably in large part due to that but for sure Topomax has this as a significant side effect.

    I wish it worked better for you to help with the weight, would be so nice for you to start to be able to move around better.

    Shelly, my sister had gastric bypass surgery. She lost so much weight at first and really looked great. But the emotional issues and eating took over and so she just ate more bad stuff more frequently, even feeling sick from some of the foods you end up not being able to tolerate didn't stop her. She is now not as big as she was before surgery but I am sure she is over 250. She always gets sick, has to work hard to get nutrients into her body, controlling her moods is a challenging feat. I DO know people where it worked amazingly and was the ticket to health and happiness. I think it really depends on whether you are really ready for the total lifestyle change, the fact that you really do have to eat better forever. My sister was pushing the rules from the first week! We all saw the writing on the wall. She refused any form of group therapy or treatment other than one on one and so there was no support or encouragement from peers. She has been through so much I just wanted to share because I'd hate for anyone I know to have to go through that. Only you know if you are in an emotional place for it. Whatever you decide you have my full support!
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    She's my sister - And I'm telling you - The woman is a STONE COLD FOX.