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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Zardo, Feb 23, 2012.

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    Yesterday difficult child had meetings at the local public high school about returning there next year. Since being expelled a year ago, this has been his goal. As many of you know - our journey has been up and down and he is making progress, but things are not perfect. So, as compared to the advise of the woman from the SA program with the tests that had the false positives (in post "Changing Programs?") this is a different approach. I want to get him to the point where he sees the finish line and has a goal. He knows that for this to work out, he has to stay with the program: no drugs and perform at an acceptable level at school. I was excited for him to have these meetings. We talked after about how to keep moving forward. I reminded him of the importance of finishing this year out on a positive note at his current school - again, the finish line is near. I am trying to tie his efforts at his current school and in his treatment in to a goal that he has for himself. I am hoping that as he meets frustrations, he can keep his goals in mind and stay with the program.
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    I think that's terrific. I hope he will keep the picture of is goal in his head. How did the meeting go? Was the administration generally positive?
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    Good job, Zardo. A goal will give him a reason to try to end the program on a positive note. I will keep my fingers crossed that it works out for your difficult child.

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    I think so - it was just him and the school psychologist - so I won't be sure until the IEP meeting. From difficult children account, it seemed to go well. I know they asked him about how things would be different this time and he said a lot of the right things, said he's doing better, his friends are doing better and I do know that to be true. He also said that his group has separated from a couple of kids that are not doing well, I know that to be true as well. You know the deal though - only time will tell. I worry that it won't be as easy as he thinks for him to return to the large public school setting. What happens if kids there think of him as a "druggie"? Can he handle the pressure of showing them differently, or will it seem pointless and hopeless so he returns to his old ways? Only time will tell. I do think right now, this meeting gives him a carrot and will hoefully help us use his own goals to help him move forward. As the counselor asked him if he will continue support when he comes home, he told me he will see how he feels and go from there. That's a positive. When I asked him this question in the past, he seemed to answer with more of a "no way, I'm not an addict" sort of answer. I think going to relapse prevention once per week when he gets home, back at the place where he did IOP would be very good. He keeps in touch with some of the kids from there and one of his friends who is doing well right now is going there too.
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    Zardo, thats great news! Very happy for you...
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    Zardo - that IS great news. I don't mean to pry - and it's OK not to answer - but if he goes back - what year will he start? I am guessing junior?
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    Yes - junior - I have heard that a lot changes that year - for the better and I am hoping that is true - it was kind of always the plan to let him try junior year
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    That is really good Zardo. I sure hope he can feel good about himself and accomplish the rest of this year as you said and then get on track... Sounds like good support plans to stay on the path are available too. Wishing him the best!
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    I am so glad he will be a junior. Just in my observations, HS juniors are a whole new breed of students - it's like the class and the kids come together and they meld or something. More inclusive, less labeling, more confident. I hope that will make the transition easier.
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    It sounds very hopeful and he handled himself very well. Junior year us important and exciting. I hope they all give him a chance.

    When will he find out if they let him back?

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    Juniors are my favorite age group to teach. They are much better behaved than ninth and tenth graders but don't have senioritis yet.

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    I think it is great that he has a desire to return to public school. I wish him well and hope he stays the course and is successful. ((Hugs))