Only 2 more days left with my Matt :(

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mattsmom277, Apr 12, 2011.

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    I'm happy and proud of Matt. Yet I'm incredibly sad at the major distance we will soon have. He leaves at 4a.m. on Friday so we have 2 more days left. We spent the day today running around and updating him to a new health insurance plan and I took him to get his drivers license. He was some proud walking out with it and I was happy to reach another milestone with him before he leaves. Now I have to find acceptance that he'll be living a 3 day drive away from me. :(
  2. Shari

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    Can you remember the dark days when you weren't even sure he'd ever have a chance like this? Probably not. Probably good.

    Wish I had something insightful to say that would be helpful. I don't. I'm sorry your mommy heart is hurting. I'm glad its for a good reason, tho, and not a difficult child one.
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    Shari, that is exactly how I'm trying to approach this move of his. I know that this is all positive in that he is being brave, taking risks but one he has put thought into and perhaps what I'd call a "worthwhile risk". I know he's showing a huge amount of motivation and independence and desire to find a adult place for himself. I keep repeating these positives to myself, because the one drawback is really, for me, the distance. I can't imagine him across the country and being days and days away from me, it feels like it might as well be another country. Alternately, the community is so small where he is moving and it sounds perfect for his personality actually. He hated his brief time with his father many years ago but he loved the small town he was in for that time. I think he's going to enjoy the setting.

    I couldn't help but gear him up with a bit of last minute mama spoiling. His grandmother bought him some really practical and nice luggage as a going away gift which I thought was nice. I paid his license fee today and made sure we got him his own copies of all his needed ID's. Bought him really good quality shoes so that he doesn't need to worry about them anytime soon and stocked him with beta blockers for his tremors so that he need not pay for a pricey prescription for many months, hopefully not until after he is employed full time. Got him all new boxers and socks, toiletries, some new shirts and a new jacket. We had fun actually.

    I just don't want that "goodbye" moment. :(