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    before difficult child started to drive me crazy. I had conferences late today (finished at 6:00) and so I know I was tired but still in a fairly good mood. difficult child was a pain on the ride home (he was with husband who was picking me up).

    So... we get home and we all need to use the bathroom (difficult child knows I'm waiting and purposely starts playing with water and not coming out). Still I remained very calm and eventually he came out.

    Next I start working on some of the dinner stuff (easy child/difficult child actually did some of the dinner). difficult child took a butcher knife and started swinging it around like he was some sort of a sword person. I calmly asked him to put it down so someone didn't get hurt (he wasn't threatening anyone at this point-I just wanted him to put it down). He ignored the request and I asked him calmly some more and calmly tried to distract him. Then he pretended he was aiming the knife at me and stabbing at me (I didn't feel overly threatened at this point-not sure why). He finally put the knife down and took out a turkey baster and started squirting water (mostly into the sink but also onto himself and threatened he would do it to me.

    Then husband comes in (was in the other br) and talked to difficult child to get him calmed down. When husband wasn't looking difficult child took his finger and sliced it across his throat as a threatening gesture to me.

    Of course, 5 minutes later he is all sweet and giving me a hug. Seriously this boy has me on a roller coaster that is hard to keep up with.

    He has also been behaving with what seems like some hypersexuality to me. Yesterday morning when I was sitting in the recliner with my legs up, he came up and started rubbing next to me on my feet. I told him to stop and he said I was crazy and he was not doing that (husband says difficult child knew full well what he was doing and was upset because I busted him on it). He also goes around a lot giving us "slaps" on the butt.

    Yesterday (and this I believe he didn't understand how inappropriate it was) I was getting his bath ready-yes he is 13 and should be doing this by himself but if I don't get the bath ready he won't take one-shower-either. He took off his clothes to get into the tub (nothing like waiting for me to be out of the room) and gave me a hug for getting the bath started. He doesn't get that this was wrong at all.

    Guess I'll be needing to call the psychiatrist again soon-sigh.
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    Ugh. Sharon I'd be on edge, too. (((Hugs)))
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    I don't like the sound of this, Sharon. The gesturing "behind husband's back" sounds really deliberate and the chair and bath incident are even more worrisome. I would be making a call to the psychiatrist, especially if this two sexually suggestive incidents are new behavior. I can't remember you addressing this issue before.

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    This would be very worrisome to me. Your son has always had very aggressive and violent tendencies. Now he is adding in sexual hints or subtle actions. Not good.

    My family was probably what most folks would have considered quite strange about sexuality or maybe it was more nudity. It wasnt so much that sex was pushed in everyone's faces but we didnt make a huge deal about the subject and keeping clothes on everyone wasnt a big deal either. With me being the only girl..ok...female...the guys tended to walk around half naked constantly. They thought nothing of seeing me naked either because I was mommy. I was also a big mommy so there was obviously nothing to get all worked up about. I think we would have probably felt right at home in a nudest I think my kids spent more time talking to me when I was in the bathroom than they did anywhere else. Now Keyana does it too! But even they wouldnt have dared to have rubbed up against any of us in a suggestive way. That just goes over the norm...and trust me, Cory was so hypersexual that we had to hide all things even remotely considered a lubricant. Soap, butter, dish washing liquid, hair conditioner, lotion, even one time he tried icy hot...never again!
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    Sorry that he is so threatening and makes your home a somewhat frightening place.
    I don't have any suggestions other than what I have said in the past.