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  1. Wiped Out

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    I hate to whine but my back is killing me! Yesterday afternoon I was walking up the stairs and threw out my back. The pain has been incredible. The sitting position is the wost (was almost in tears at points) but the only position that doesn't hurt a lot is flat on my back. I even went to the immediate care today.

    They did a back x-ray to make sure there was no breakage. While they didn't find any she did notice I have scoliosis-news to me. She prescribed to medications, one of which is Vicadon and the other an alternative to Ibuprofen-said she likes it better than ibuprofen because you take it only twice a day.

    I'm also suppose to follow up with my regular doctor (last time it felt like this in '98 I had a slightly herniated disc. She also wants me to start going to physical therapy-like I have time with all the other appts for easy child and difficult child.

    The medications are helping a bit. I'm hoping to go to work tomorrow but then I can't take the Vicaden (sp?). Hopefully the pain will be less tomorrow. The doctor thought maybe I hsould take off two days but I really don't want to waste the few sick days I have.

    Also, I'm afraid I could start to get very grouchy without my workouts which I won't be able to do for a couple of days at best!

    Thanks for listening to my whine!
  2. flutterbee

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    Ugh! I just said on Terry's thread that back pain is miserable. I'm assuming the advil-like medication is naproxen (same medication as in aleve, but 2x's a day is probably 500mg each and is prescription strength). It should really help a lot. It used to work really well for me - made everything go away. I seem to have developed a tolerance.

    Take it easy and find a way to work in the PT. It's really important to take care of you.

    Sending healing thoughts. Don't overdo it.

  3. Jena

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    I'm sorry your in pain, it's good you got an x ray right away. Even if it's going to be hard to find the time for physical therapy you gotta do it for you. The medication's they gave you will probably be rough at work.

    You need to get a special thing for your chair at work to help ease the pain. I've suffered with back problems for about 3 years now. It comes and goes, like everything else lol.

    Past mos. I wake up unable to move so I have to roll over like an old woman and have boyfriend pop my back into place, he's getting pretty good at it now lol. Initially he'd leave me in more pain than usual. i forget the name of what I have yet I don't do chiropracters they scare me. I was told years ago togo to physical therapy and I didn't go and regret it. So, make the time for you :)
  4. susiestar

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    I am SO SORRY!! Throwing out your back is the worst! Take the medications if you need them.

    Sending hugs and healing vibes.
  5. tiredmommy

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    {{{Hugs}}} I hope you get through today okay.
  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    I'm so sorry!!! I hope you feel better soon!!! Please try and take it easy. Make the appointment with your regular doctor today. And, I know you're really busy, but PT can help. Try to squeeze it into your schedule.

    I totally understand how you feel about not being able to work-out. I wish I had some good advice but I'm still struggling with this. I just want you to know I understand...

    If you need to whine, whine away!!! We're here to listen. Thinking of you...WFEN
  7. timer lady

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    So sorry to hear about your pain (back). I've been told to listen to your body ~ treat the pain & be gentle until the pain lessens. You can/may harm your back further if you don't listen to what your body is telling you.

    Take care & I hope the pain medications help.
  8. Wiped Out

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    Heather-It is Naproxen. Unfortunately it didn't do much at all for the pain. I will do the pt, just don't know how to squeeze it in.

    Jennifer-I think something for my chair at work (for the times I actually sit) is a good idea. Maybe I can ask the pt what they recommend.

    Susie-Thanks for the good thoughts!

    TM-Thanks for the hugs.

    WFEN-Thanks-I know with your recent injury causing you to have a hard time working out, you understand how hard it is to miss workouts. I did see my doctor today-will update at the end of this post.

    Linda-You are so right about listening to your body. I don't know why I have a hard time actually doing it.

    I did go to the doctor's today. He gave me an additional prescription for a muscle relaxant. He feels I should take the rest of the week off. I said one day at a time.

    Work was awful today. The pain was so intense and got worse through the day. I started to have muscle spasms that sent the pain up my back further.

    I feel so much better now with the Vicodon(sp?). I took the max I could when I got home because the pain was so intense. I haven't taken the muscle relaxer yet because I know it will probably knock me completely out. I am taking off work tomorrow and after that we'll see. Of course, it may be hard to know if the pain is getting better when I'm on all these medications.

    Right now I'm very tired and feeling very worn out.
  9. mrscatinthehat

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    Back pain is the worst. Take care of yourself. Sending ever so gentle hugs.

  10. SearchingForRainbows

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    I'm sorry you were in so much pain at work yesterday. I'm glad the pain medications are helping. I hope you took the muscle relaxer and were able to get some decent sleep last night.

    As others have said, listen to your body. Take the advice of your doctor. Take the rest of the week off to heal.

    I know how frustrating this is for you. Vent away whenever you need to. I'll be here to listen.

    I hope you're doing a bit better today... Hugs and positive healing thoughts... WFEN
  11. Wiped Out

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    Beth-Thanks for the hugs.

    WFEN-Thanks for checking back in. It's hard to know right now about work for tomorrow because even though there is still some pain it is feeling better-could be the medications though!

    Well, being the graceful person I am. I was walking gently down the steps to the main floor when I missed the last three and fell! I could tell I was going down so tried to fall in the way that would not hurt my back the most. Instead I landed funny on the top of my left foot (don't ask me how-I have no idea). Now that hurts too!

    Not sure why I missed those steps-could be the pain medications I guess? Oh well, just call me Grace!
  12. klmno

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    Oh, Sharon that sounds so painful. And now with the foot/ankle sore too- I just wanted to send HUGS and tell you that I hope you feel better soon.
  13. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I am glad the doctor gave you a muscle relaxer. That can really help. I hope you can get a good night sleep with the pain medication and the muscle relaxer. Take it easy tomorrow, and be nice to yourself - no laundry or dishes or cooking!

    Gentle hugs!