Our Junior High is SO AWESOME!

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    I took Jessie to the Jr High to enroll. It was a great experience. The counsellor remembered Wiz, we had some fun laughing at his "activities" there. But she remembered him fondly in spite of them.

    She asked questions about the health issues, gave me phone numbers to call to get the health plan and the testing set up. The testing will give a baseline - it will NOT change the grade she is in. she is on target based on the state guidelines and what was posted online for the classes, I kept us up. BUT she was worried if she didn't do well on the tests that they wouldn't let her be in the grade with her friends (former classmates from elem school).

    We then picked out classes. We talked about the options, and worked so that Jessie understood which classes were going to move very fast. These may be a problem for Jessie if she misses for health issues. We picked classes that will challenge her but not put her in a position where she can't possibly manage everything with the absences she will have. Because she WILL miss for migraines and other problems.

    The office staff was not there when we arrived, but the counsellor got the paperwork for me anyway. When we went to turn it in they were sweet and helpful.

    As we talked, NO ONE had a problem with thank you being in the hall, quietly flipping around and running in circles, etc.....

    They let us wander around looking at things (memory lane for me!).

    Jessie feels very comfortable, and I am more confident that we can handle things. They even have a way I can check her grades anytime I want - along with seeing what all the assignments are!

    This is so terribly unlike our Middle School where they didn't want parents in the building. They didn't want us to know what the assignments were, or what our kids grades were - in SPITE of direct mandates from the Board of Ed to post assignments on the website and let parents know if a child dropped below a C in any class. The flippin computer automatically gives the teacher a notation she can forward to parents if the grades drop - easier than forwarding an email!

    So I am glad. We get her schedule on Friday. :D

    This is all very amazing, and reassuring. Thanks for all your comfort and support. I am a worrywart!
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    Wow, Susie! I'm sure there will be trying experiences (for both you and difficult child) through this, but middle school years are tough- it is a tough age, as we all know. It might be a great thing for Jessie to work through this stage going to a public school-as difficult as it can get, it seems like it has exciting moments, too. So far, difficult child has gone through (and lost) a GREAT friend experience, his first school dance, and learning about very different types of relationships with teachers/staff- not bad things- but learning how to communicate with them on a little bit different level. Maybe there is something to be said for going thru the awkward years in mainstream, where they can see everyone else- from all different backgrounds- going thru the awkward years, too.

    I'm glad you had such a good impression today- is she excited about it?
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    Alright, anything for rent on your street? Cause I think I'm moving.
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    Awww...Susie, so good. That is exactly what it should be like. If she is a good counselor, she'll hand pick her classes with teachers she knows that can handle the issues.

    And, you difficult child going in with a positive attitude is a huge part of the battle. Yeah!!!

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    I'm so glad things went so well! Miss KT attended the same junior high and high school that I went to, and some of my teachers were still teaching 29 years later. I think she felt a sense of security knowing I'd survived!

    On a side note, one of her eighth grade teachers was a major heartthrob when I was in eighth grade. She didn't believe me, but I found a copy of the campus newspaper to prove it. A friend and I put an ad in looking for members for the "Mr. Davis Fan Club." Miss KT took him a copy...he laughed, and apparently that confirmed that Miss KT's mother is crazy!
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    Too funny ktmom!

    klmno, Jess LOVES school, always has. That is why we KNEW she was ill when she was staying home in pain. I tihnk owrking through the awkward years with everyone else is a great experience in many ways. Though I wouldn't repeat those years for anything, LOL!!

    husband and I were talking about the teachers. One of the kids he grew up with teaches at this school. She might have him, we may ask.

    Also, husband student taught with one of the science teachers the YEAR before I had the teacher! (yes, he is older!). This teacher had a habit of sitting the better developed girls in the front row. husband said he can imagine having to tell him not to look at HIS daughter that way. Then, husband would have to blush and say he married one of the students Mr. X had the year after husband taught with him. Talk about 2 guys who would be blushing! (Mr. X has retired, so no worries! And he was a really good science teacher and never touched or commented to anyone inappropriately.)

    Life is wierd.
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    I'm so glad to read this! Schools doing what they should do! I bet Jess is going to love it!
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    (makes gestures of being OLD-groan)

    I am SO happy you had a great memory - and got a chuckle out of them remembering Wiz.....lol. (another groan)

    So how ready is she for this Suz?

    Just needed to know because I am not - NOT NOT ready to hear that YOUR baby is in Jr. High.