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two years ago we bought a acre of land with an older manufactured home on it. The plan was my son to rent it for five years...then it would be his. Now he is unable to work and is waiting to see a neurosurgeon. He had a spinal fusion surgery in 2001 and 2008. The two lowest levels of his lumbar spine. He does have a 6 month disability policy, which will give him about 50/60% of his income, but he will have to keep paying his portion of health insurance.

Then the next door neighbor next to my son, had someone survey his property, and it seems like his string line for a future privacy fence is now seems like it is 10/12feet on to what we thought was our property. To get someone to survey is going to be at least $500.

I took older Difficult Child to see the psychologist, an hours drive each way...it went better than the last time. But still irritating. We got to town at 10:30 and appointment at 11:00. We had planned to have lunch, but she was hungry. So I suggested something from Quik Trip or McDonalds to hold us over. McD has a 2/$3 breakfast sandwich. I told her we could get that just to hold us over til lunch. I thought she understood we would each get one item from that option. But when we ordered she got an Egg McMuffin AND Hot Cakes! Oblivious. Then couldn't finish it all. I just decided not to order and not say anything.

I wish I knew what she talked about...but she is 19... She doesn't seem to have any motivation to get a job, fix her car, file her taxes and get a refund... On a good point, she called and left a message to make an appointment to get back on birth control.

Younger Difficult Child was suppose to be ready for school before I left for out of town. Nope. So husband had a 90 minute window to get her there. Nope. I am afraid that she I'll be dismissed from the program soon. I don't think she is faking being sick...but I think she lets her anxieties get out of control...then feels physically ill.

This afternoon, the court ordered family therapist is coming to do follow up. She will know her attendance is poor. Plus I will be honest and tell her that she hadn't been the best at coming home when expected.

Also, our grandson who is 27 had a bike accident and fractured his hip, he lives in a neighboring state with a couple of friends. Will be non weight bearing for two months, his parents went there, but the dad returned home to work. So this weekend, my husband and son in law head back there to drive him and his mom home. It's a 10 hour drive. I will have to stay home with younger Difficult Child.

Yesterday, I was just overwhelmed. Today, I feel a little more able to handle things...just hope no new problems come up.

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You definitely have a full plate!

Sending ((HUGS)) and positive energy your way. Hope you have a good day.


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I was talking to my son yesterday, and he was telling me he thought he made a mistake when he filled out the disability insurance enrollment form. He checked the wrong box... But it was for twice as much weekly than he expected!


And I texted the person we bought the property from...and she told me she knew her privacy fence was 6" over the line. But the workers did it while she was at work...and the concrete had already set.

So the neighbor talked to my son, and he is going to replace that area of old fence with new, so it will all tie in. DS can use those boards to repair a couple areas that are bad.

So we won't pay for a new survey.

So two good things!

Older Difficult Child is still drifting aimlessly. Has not applied for jobs or filed taxes.

husband left yesterday to get grandson back to recuperate with his mom. We took all the seats out if the van and put a mattress in the back for him to lie down on.

So somethings are better!



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Glad your son's situation is looking better! Hope he has a quick recovery! He has a wife/girlfriend that helps with the bills, doesn't he?

Will your grandson be staying with you while recovering?

I hope your oldest will go back to social services and get her life back on track. Maybe when her friends get tired of her living with them without contributing, it will spur her on to get a job.

How is youngest daughter doing?