Parsing the F-word

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Sep 20, 2012.

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    So, difficult child had to go to his Occupational Therapist (OT) class (not sure what else to call NILD) after school and of course he hates it ... and then I told him we were going to stop by his dad's office for a chiro adjustment.
    difficult child has complained about aches and pains for 2 wks now, especially his lower back and his foot. He sprained his ankle 2 wks ago and only iced once.
    He was so mad, because he wanted to go home and hang out with-friends.
    I made him get out of the car at the office and he sneered, "F-you."
    Yes, he said the letter, not the actual word.
    I ignored him. I knew that my goal was to get him inside the bldg and I could deal with-the rest later.

    So after his adjustment (he got an ankle adjustment, cold laser, and a Chinese herbal patch) we got back into the car and he immediately said he wanted me to drop him off at a friend's house. I said, "You owe me an apology for swearing at me."

    "I did NOT swear. I said F-you. That could have meant anything. It was just a jumble of letters. It could have meant 'Funny you.'"

    "That may have worked for Bill Clinton but it's not working for you."
    (That one went right over his head, which is just as well, lol!)

    I added, "You're grounded off of the computer for today."

    He went on and on, arguing more passionately because of course, he didn't want to lose the computer, and I said, "Your tone of voice carried the message as much as the words."

    "No it didn't! I could argue this in court with a good lawyer."

    "No judge would fall for that. And neither am I."

    "But I got you arguing it so you've got to agree it's a valid point."

    "No, it's not. You meant the whole word and you know exactly what I'm talking about. By the way, you're grounded off of your C-word. Which could mean Cat."

    "Or car," he added.

    ROFL! If I were faster, I'd have had a great retort but I just thought it was so funny that instead of continuing to argue about having his computer taken away, he started arguing about the letter "C." Gotta love it.

    Nope. The F-word doesn't really mean what it means.:sochildish::smartass:
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    Yup, that is sooooooo familiar. difficult child 1 tried that too. Nope, didn't work for him either. He hasn't done it since. As for the arguing, yup, done that too. Now getting him redirected in the creative way you did, OH I wish I'd have thought of that. I'm all for using their own "rules" against them but that one didn't even enter my mind. GOOD ONE MOM!!!!!
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    That was excellent re-directing! You got to choose what tirade to listen to. The constant arguing really gets to me.
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    If you want a different re-direction... there are other, more socially acceptable substutions as well, including the one made famous several decades back by a certain Canadian Prime Minister: In the House of Commons, swear words are not allowed... so he came up with "fiddlefaddle". Everybody knew exactly what he meant. But he didn't SAY anything wrong... right?
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    Oh, and then someone named a caramel popcorn nut treat after it, rofl!

    Yes, Liahona, lol, redirected to a different argument. But it's always an argument. Sigh.